Our Mission

At Venio Systems, we are dedicated to working with our trusted partners to bring the latest legal technology innovations to law firms and corporations. We provide e-Discovery solutions that streamline and improve the litigation process for our clients and partners, allowing them to achieve the most successful outcome possible while saving time and resources.

What Motivates Us

We come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest technology problems in e-Discovery and litigation.

At Venio Systems, we are dedicated to working with our clients and partners to accomplish any goal and solve any challenge they encounter in the e-Discovery process. We help our clients achieve more through a complete e-Discovery platform that is agile and accurate, supported by our team's commitment to constant improvement in our service.

Throughout the history of litigation and data investigations, we know businesses rely on data to make informed decisions. At Venio Systems, we are focused on developing solutions that give litigation and investigation professionals a critical edge in the data review process through powerful tools that provide increased efficiency and ease.

Our Story

Our founders believed that there was a void in the first pass review e-Discovery market. Combining their 20+ years of experience in the legal technology industry, they set out to develop a more effective and efficient product. Today, we provide the legal industry with one of the most complete and useful e-Discovery software platforms that is easy to learn and deploy, allowing our partners to make their e-Discovery as streamlined and productive as possible.

Our name is inspired by the Latin word "Venio", which means "to arise; to come about." We have arisen in the e-Discovery space to provide a powerful e-Discovery software solution created to save legal, government and corporate entities time and money that can be put toward tackling mission-critical challenges in the litigation process.

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