VenioOne Introduction

Get an inside look at VenioOne during this 30 minute webinar presentation of our all-in-one E-Discovery software platform.

E-Discovery Accountability: Manage E-Discovery Like a Business, Not a Disaster.

The panel discussion will focus on the advantages of a proactive, project management approach to foster accountability.

Defensibility: Dirty Secrets of eDiscovery

The panel discussion will cover the risks to and responsibility for defensibility and the five dirty secrets that make eDiscovery processing a high-risk activity.

DGI Digital Government Institute - I

E-Discovery, Records & Information Management - Conference & Expo 2015

eDiscovery in the Cloud: Making an Informed Decision
Presented by Babs Deacon,Vice President Training & Education, Venio Systems

DGI Digital Government Institute - II

E-Discovery, Records & Information Management - Conference & Expo 2015

Legal Tech New York 2015

A converstaion with: Babs Deacon, Vice President of Training and Education, Venio Systems

Venio Integrated E-Discovery Platform

Venio Integrated E-Discovery Platform (Venio) is a single-source solution for all phases of the e-Discovery process: processing, early case assessment, analytics, review and production. It is a more powerful single application that removes the need for load files and moving data between multiple piecemeal applications. Venio is web-based with a simple user interface that requires minimal training, is scalable and powerful enough for any size discovery project.