Two years in, our partners and clients have identified a number of use cases where traditional eDiscovery workflows are improved with the self-service eDiscovery model enabled by VenioOne OnDemand (VOD), our self-service portal. Given how popular VOD has become, we thought we should share how you might leverage VOD to improve your eDiscovery and investigative workflows.

There are numerous use cases for any type of entity to improve their traditional eDiscovery workflows. The following are just a few of the common ones.

  • Small Datasets – When an attorney, paralegal, or remote office needs quick access to a small amount of eDiscovery or investigative data they have received, they simply drag-and-drop to upload the data to VOD and are notified when it finishes processing. No longer do they need to wait on mailing hard drives, DVDs, or slow FTP uploads. This allows your eDiscovery project managers to focus on more complex matters, but don’t worry – administrators will be notified of uploads by email and end user rights are provisioned and controlled on the back end.
VenioOne OnDemand Upload Status Screen
  • After Hours – Legal or investigative teams sometimes need data processed at times when their practice support team or service provider may not be available to assist. With VOD, they can start the processing of data at any hour and have it ready for review. VOD never sleeps.
  • Internal Investigations – With internal investigations, frequently time is of the essence. Without any assistance, human resources, the general counsel, or IT can upload investigative data to VOD for review. This enables internal investigators to quickly gain insight on the data collected, determining whether to move forward and which action to pursue. Permissions set in VenioOne control what rights they have and how the raw data is processed.
  • Invite to Upload – VOD makes it easy when a law firm or company needs to invite their clients to upload data directly. A secure link that can be set to expire is emailed to the client. No additional licenses are needed. Those involved in the matter are notified and all actions are tracked.
  • Securely Sharing Data – VOD also makes it easy to share a subset of data with an expert, witness, or deponent via a secure link. Again, a secure link that can be set to expire is sent. No additional licenses are needed. Those involved in the matter are notified and all actions are tracked.
  • Produced Data – Sometimes, legal and investigative teams need to load produced data for quick turnaround and review. Not only will VOD process numerous raw data types, it can also load common production and forensic image formats.

As if all of that is not enough to convince you to take a look at VOD, how about this? When your small matter becomes a more complex matter, then you may decide to use either the VenioOne Web review platform or project managers can utilize the Desktop Console without the need to move any data. It’s simply different front-end interfaces for accessing a single database on the back end. You decide what works best for your matter and team.

Sound too good to be true? Two years of rave reviews from clients and partners indicate that VenioOne OnDemand is the real deal and addresses numerous pain points in their eDiscovery and investigative workflows.

You owe it to your team to take a look. Why don’t you request a demo? Not ready to commit yet? Take a look at this blog post or watch this webinar video for additional details.