Venio Review Product Brief

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Fast, Easy-to-Use, Reliable, and Cost-Effective Review Platform

Venio Review enables legal review and investigative teams to rapidly review
millions of documents and find the information most relevant to the case.

With Venio Review, you don’t need expensive stand-alone review-only tools
that require manual data imports and third-party integrations, or tools that
force you to adopt a rigid deployment and licensing model. Venio Review
is fast, and it eliminates the risk of sensitive information being leaked or
accidental loss of important documents.


Venio Review is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use solution that can be
deployed on-premises, in your cloud, or provisioned as a SaaS service. It
delivers everything you need to load data from any processing tool, quickly
search and tag millions of documents, do native redactions, perform entity
extractions, and prevent PII/PHI, financial data, and business secrets from
being leaked. (Venio Review is a built-in capability for Venio Cloud and
VenioOne users, and requires no manual data imports.)


Need one single solution to meet all of your review needs? Venio Review is it!


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