Continuous Active Learning FAQs


CAL is working on the back end, behind the scene. The number of documents doesn’t affect workflow.
This is a VenioOne proprietary engine. We are not using a third-party tool.
No. CAL compensates for new documents.
No. However, for the purpose of sorting for the reviewers, you do need to pick one category for the primary. Other tags can be added.
No. We recommend assigning as many Reviewers as you need to get through the documents.
There is a licensed model on CAL. It’s a one-time annual fee. The license is not limited.
Yes, however, it still needs one main category to initially present relevant documents to the reviewer.
CAL (Continuous Active Learning) is officially live and now available to all our clients.
Basically, it’s an alternative to a review process. There will be multiple reviewers in there, but on large scale cases, this can cut back on large teams of Reviewers, so it can save money. There is no limit to it. It can be used for any review case. Whether for a single reviewer or multiple.
The algorithm itself, SVM- support vector machine - has been used and vetted by multiple agencies and companies. Venio has simply built our own workflow around the algorithm.


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