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VenioOne Assisted Review and Predictive Coding

  • Venio Systems
  • November 8, 2017

Leverage Machine Learning for Quality Control and Early Case Assessment

VenioOne can perform technology assisted review (TAR) and predictive coding on any dataset using Support Vector Machine, or SVM, algorithms for machine learning. SVM machine learning has been approved by courts for technology assisted review and is the same technology is being utilized on many other platforms in the industry.

VenioOne Assisted Review analyzes a training set of documents so the system can find similar documents based on the categorized training.  Unlimited categories can be created and utilized for system training and document recognition.  In fact, the quality of predictive coding will increase with concise and specific training of VAR.

Organizations often believe that they can only use TAR on larger, more complex cases. We have designed VenioOne Assisted Review so that predictive coding can be applied to every case. Users can use VAR as part of a Quality Control or Early Case Assessment workflow to identify certain types of documents or rely on it for the traditional predictive coding workflow.

Venio Systems will be introducing Continuous Active Learning (CAL) technology within VenioOne Assisted Review during early 2018.  CAL continuously ranks documents based on relevancy, starting with a small training model that can be analyzed on the fly.

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