VenioOne OnDemand FAQs
The system allows you to control who has access to certain cases, on or off access. If a specific thing in a case needs to be restricted, that would require help from the full Venio platform.
There are additional costs associated with turning data into a usable format, getting data, time, collection- these costs are eliminated. From a hosting perspective, it can limit documents that need to be reviewed, and therefore limiting those costs.
Theoretically no. It is realistic for what is needed to transfer data through the web. Simply limited by bandwidth. The variables are simply what internet transfer can handle. The Venio engine is designed to get through data quickly- it can process a terabyte a day or more.
Yes, reporting can be done on who has uploaded and who has access, but you have an interface to tell you who has access.
Yes, it needs the Venio engine, but it can be expanded beyond. The system can burst to handle large quantities as needed.
Venio doesn’t host the technology. Our clients provide it in their environment, Venio offers it as a service. The data cannot be seen.
All data in OnDemand can be viewed in the full VenioOne platform. There is no true transition- it’s all the same data. Just log into whichever interface you want to use and all the data is there.
Yes, both OnDemand and VenioOne use the same search engine- you will get the same results in both interface.