Venio Systems Announces General Availability of VenioOne 7.35 with Focus on Increased Productivity for Remote Teams

Washington, D.C.: Venio Systems, the leading provider of eDiscovery software, today announced the general availability of VenioOne 7.35. The new release is focused on adding core capabilities of VenioOne eDiscovery platform to the self-service add-on, VenioOne OnDemand (VOD), boosting productivity for the remote workforce. With VenioOne 7.35, remote workers in legal and investigative teams can accelerate the end-to-end legal discovery process as they have more control of when and from where they administer and review complex cases.

“Though the 2020 global pandemic put severe strains on legal teams as they toiled to deliver justice, it didn’t slow them down. We think that the availability of self-service eDiscovery platforms, such as VenioOne with VOD, played an important part in keeping these legal and investigative teams productive as they worked remotely,” said Ankur Agarwal, Venio’s VP of Products. “With VenioOne 7.35, VOD users will have several capabilities that until now were only available in the core VenioOne platform. VOD self-service will now include batched review, review management, enhanced graphical data analysis, full admin capabilities and an even faster, more responsive UI. We are confident that these new features in VOD will help customers improve productivity of their remote teams.”

Accelerating eDiscovery Processes for Remote Teams

The continuous improvement of VenioOne and its self-service add-on, VenioOne OnDemand keeps customers at the forefront of innovation, accelerates the eDiscovery process by up to ten times, and cuts costs by up to 90%. With VenioOne 7.35, customers can use the following new features in self-service VOD:

  1. Batched eDiscovery Review: Batched review functionality is necessary when there are large numbers of people reviewing the data in a case or investigation. To aid in the speed with which reviewers are able to review content, documents are batched and presented to them. Because self-service eDiscovery using VOD has become so popular and virtually the entire legal industry is now working from home, batched review has been added to VOD to enable our partners to easily do managed reviews with teams of remote reviewers. VOD’s browser-based, simple-yet-secure interface requires no installation and makes VOD the perfect tool for remote review teams.
  2. Review Management: VOD now offers the ability to create batched review sets, along with the ability to use our traditional batch creation tools within the updated interface. Also, a new review management dashboard in VOD allows users to chart progress, access statistics for the reviewers, and see tags being applied.
  3. Enhanced Graphical Data Analysis: Interactive tools within the Analysis Dashboard have been specifically designed to help users reduce data volumes and provide quick insights into data and the flow of communications within the data. Users can customize the scope of the custodians and media, the timeline, and numerous widgets. They can also save the tools into layouts, do bulk tagging, apply inclusive or exclusive filters, and push the contents from the Analysis Dashboard to the Review Database for additional review or production with one click.
  4. Full Admin Capabilities: To support increased flexibility for working from home, project managers  can now access the full suite of VenioOne administrative functions in the browser of their choice, regardless of where they are working. Also, VenioOne’s administrative functionality has been extensively reworked for maximum efficiency.
  5. Faster, More Responsive User Interface: Major back-end improvements have been made to greatly improve speed and performance within today’s modern browsers, and the system will continue to improve, thanks to monthly updates.

VenioOne OnDemand, the self-service add-on for VenioOne, remains the leading end-to-end browser-based portal in the eDiscovery realm, with an infinitely scalable, fully automated back end, and a simplified, easy-to-use interface. With these latest updates, companies that have come to rely on VOD will enjoy increased efficiency and ease of data uploads, batched reviews, graphical analysis, and a modern, optimized user interface. 

“These updates were inspired and developed based on conversations with our clients and partners, with the goal of making the VenioOne OnDemand add-on even more vital to their eDiscovery processes,” said Chris Jurkiewicz, EVP of Client Services and one of the company’s cofounders. “What’s more, VenioOne OnDemand will continue to improve, with regular monthly updates that will further increase efficiency and ease of use.”