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Venio Webinar Series: VenioOne Applets – An Applet a Day Enhances eDiscovery the Venio Way!

VenioOne’s Applets

Join our Director of Education and Communication, Michelle Spencer and Chris Jurkiewicz, EVP of Client Services, in our webinar “An Applet a Day Enhances eDiscovery the Venio Way!” to discover how you can enhance your company’s legal eDiscovery. 

What is an applet?

An applet is a small application that performs one specific task that runs within the scope of a larger program. Applets are supporting features for full-featured software programs, and are easily accessible. Venio Systems has created applets in order to extend the current functionality in the VenioOne legal eDiscovery platform and aid users by providing specific functions they need quickly. Many are then incorporated into the VenioOne platform later.

 We also provide our API to our partners for development of their own applets and offer custom development services for functionality to meet a partner’s specific needs for processing legal or investigative eDiscovery data.

How to use Applets for your Legal eDiscovery

As a request by the VenioOne user community and observed market needs, Venio has designed specific applets to fulfill the need of processing different types of electronic data. The three applets shown in this webinar (Cellebrite, Slack, and Bloomberg) for handling mobile or chat data all function the same way for the most part. We take an exported file from the original platform (Cellebrite, Slack, or Bloomberg) and process it to pull the relevant data out into a format that can be used in VenioOne.

The data can then be imported into VenioOne for searching, tagging, production, and any other common eDiscovery workflow. Conversations are easily viewed in threads. The files can even be viewed outside of VenioOne using common email or text viewers. However, text viewers are not as useful as they include all of the coding versus just the communication text.

Learn how you can leverage VenioOne’s applets to take control of your eDiscovery workflows and create your own business differentiators.

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For more information about the VenioOne eDiscovery platform and to see our applets in action, either email or request a demo.