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Moving Beyond Fragmented eDiscovery Tools

Technology is a competitive advantage. With the pace of technological change, it can be challenging for firms to “know what they do not know.” There is misinformation and lack of education about managing and processing data effectively. Thus, firms require partners to help them be informed and make optimal decisions.

Since 2015, OPTiMO Information Technology and Venio Systems transitioned at least a dozen health care, federal and law firms away from outdated, fragmented eDiscovery processes to a unified, all-in-one platform. To date, OPTiMO helped its client’s process multi-terabytes of data through VenioOne.

VenioOne is a leading unified eDiscovery solution that was designed to improve speed, efficiency, usability, decision making, security, and ultimately reduce costs. The seamless platform provides OPTiMO’s clients dynamic reporting, more automation, better results for superior decision making, and fast and secure processing.

VenioOne is the best unified Platform on the market and OPTiMO offers that best-in-class technology as a Managed Service to streamline the eDiscovery process, lower costs and provide predictable pricing model.”
– Michael Miguelez, President & CEO, OPTiMO IT