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Venio Webinar Series: What You Need to Know About CAL

What you need to know about Continuous Active Learning eDiscovery

This is the second webinar the expert team at Venio has done related to continuous active learning (CAL) in eDiscovery. In this update, we talked about the differences between the first generation of technology assisted review (TAR) versus looking at where things are going, which is CAL, manual review aided by machine learning. CAL is the best of both worlds, combining human reviewers with machine learning.

We went over the different perspectives of CAL, both as a reviewer and an administrator, to further understand the process and how the VenioOne system creates the model used to predict the results versus a model having to be created and perfected before review starts. This continuous active learning eDiscovery webinar provides a broader understanding of VenioOne’s CAL Engine with live demonstrations on how VenioOne’s CAL engine can help your team during your litigation and investigation processes.

Why choose Venio for your eDiscovery software?

VenioOne is the complete all-in-one, end-to-end eDiscovery platform that allows users to upload, analyze, review, and produce electronic documents in a secure environment without changing platforms, systems, or tools. As one of our clients put it, “Everything is just click, click, click…and you’re done!”

VenioOne OnDemand is a light weight, self-service eDiscovery interface option or, if needed, make use of the VenioOne Web interface, which offers more advanced features such as CAL and TAR, as well as a more formal batched review process.

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