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VenioOne OnDemand offers Additional Discovery Services with eDiscovery platforms

The VenioOne OnDemand self-service eDiscovery platforms enables new remote service offerings from service providers.

Washington, DC: Concord Document Technologies, a Southern California leader in e-Discovery since 1996, has partnered with Venio Systems, the fastest growing e-Discovery technology provider, to expand its use of the VenioOne unified eDiscovery platform to include VenioOne OnDemand, Venio’s self-service eDiscovery portal. This was done to meet the growing demand for remote eDiscovery work capabilities by Concord’s clients.

Within 6 months of becoming a  Venio partner, Concord has chosen to expand its relationship with VenioOne and  their eDiscovery offering for clients adding a self-service, fully remote option with VenioOne OnDemand. Especially now that so many people are altering their business habits by working remotely, Concord’s automated and OnDemand eDiscovery self-service portal will enable Concord’s clients  to quickly create cases and upload data via a web browser. Because VenioOne OnDemand is an easy to use, but also full-featured, eDiscovery platform powered by the robust capabilities of VenioOne on the back end, Concord’s clients will be able to continue working on eDiscovery projects even while working from home.

“With COVID-19 hitting and so many working from home, we felt the timing was right to add VenioOne OnDemand to help our clients. We’re very fortunate that we’re able to help clients that have been with us for many years during these times, transition seamlessly into the OnDemand Review,“ stated Hector Flores, Vice President of Concord Document Technologies.

“It’s truly amazing to see one of our partners adopt our eDiscovery software and expand so quickly with it. VenioOne OnDemand is truly a game-changer for our industry, especially during these difficult times. Concord is a dynamic team of legal service experts who are focused on  solving their client’s business challenges. Growing their capacity and adding VenioOne OnDemand will give their clients the tools to easily and quickly manage more than just day-to-day projects all from home. It also gives them a uniquely effective tool to help navigate clients through this unprecedented global crisis today,” said Charles Lavallee, Vice President of Business Development for  Venio Systems.

About Concord Document Technologies

Concord Data Technologies, a leading document technology company in Southern California, was established to serve the business community by bringing together large company firepower with small business service.  A family owned and operated business since 1996, the team at Concord understands that providing superior customer service, and quality work along with best-in-class technology made them what they are today. For more information, visit

About Venio Systems and our eDiscovery platforms

Venio Systems is a team of innovators and developers with over 40 years of experience in providing eDiscovery solutions with unparalleled agility and ease-of-use while being scalable. Venio Systems was created to address the industry’s lack of a complete eDiscovery solution that powers every phase of eDiscovery. VenioOne, a unified eDiscovery platform, is designed to provide law firms, corporations and government entities with the ability to manage all phases of discovery—processing, ECA, culling, document review, and production—from a single tool. Venio Systems remains on the forefront of innovation to provide solutions any litigator and eDiscovery professional can use. For more information and a demo, visit