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VenioOne Working with NearZero eDiscovery vendor


NearZero, eDiscovery vendor, is working together with the VenioOne OnDemand eDiscovery solution to provide clients the best eDiscovery service available.

It’s hard to find an eDiscovery platform that allows you to work remotely seamlessly. NearZero was in search of an eDiscovery platform with this in mind and found VenioOne OnDemand. Since then, it’s been a perfect match. eDiscovery has never been easier than with VenioOne. You and your team will easily stay on top of your projects with NearZero’s eDiscovery services combined with VenioOne’s easy adaptability to remote work.

Discover the Venio way of remote eDiscovery!

In addition to the remote capability, VenioOne OnDemand includes a robust full featured eDiscovery system on the back end to help you assess, review and analyze data. All this is through an advanced and highly intuitive interface that is fast and easy to use. The VenioOne OnDemand front end was designed to require minimal training allowing you to quickly start processing data.

Our partners at NearZero help companies that are involved in investigation and litigation cases –such as law firms, corporations and government entities– by managing eDiscovery projects. Their clients love the self-service aspects that help improve the overall workflow during eDiscovery. All this is done through an agile web interface that gives you the ability to dive into eDiscovery activities within minutes so you can immediately begin to experience VenioOne unified eDiscovery platform!

Through Venio’s OnDemand platform, you and your team can easily work through eDiscovery procedures by dragging and dropping content for processing in your browser. A couple of clicks later, VenioOne’s automated process will immediately begin converting your documents into searchable and reviewable format.

Furthermore, we know how annoying buying hardware, installing software, updating and maintaining can be. You can do that, if you want, but providers like our Partners at NearZero can also manager that for you. VenioOne OnDemand is designed to be a web accessible eDiscovery solution to provide everything you could ever need to assist you during litigation or investigations

Don’t take our word for it though, hear it from our partners at NearZero and find out why they trust VenioOne OnDemand for their eDiscovery tasks!