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The VenioOne Unified eDiscovery Platform draws new legal technology and services company helping clients tackle legal operations, legal processes and electronic document review.

Washington, D.C. : Venio Systems, the leading provider of unified eDiscovery platforms, partners with Percipient, a technology first legal services provider helping clients tackle legal operations including electronic document review.

“We are excited to partner with Venio Systems and leverage their review platform. One of the main reasons we chose VenioOne is its flexibility and ease of integration into our workflows and custom client portal and dashboards.  Many other review solutions and discovery platforms aren’t as flexible.” Chad Main, Founder of Percipient shared. “Venio was also attractive to us because Continuous Active Learning (CAL) is part of its offerings which is something we like to utilize to improve document review accuracy and help keep our client’s costs down.”

VenioOne’s full-featured review technology has an intuitive interface that’s customizable, interactive, fast and easy-to-use. Through this new technology partnership, Percipient will offer VenioOne as a way to enrich their eDiscovery solutions and managed review services. It will provide clients across many sectors from government to private and beyond expanded eDiscovery capabilities and industry-leading analytics.

“Percipient is an exciting partnership for us because of their strong reputation and well-known expertise in managed review. Their decision to choose VenioOne validates our new direction in developing a more responsive solution for today’s eDiscovery capabilities, ” said Arestotle Thapa, CEO of Venio Systems LLC. “We are delighted to partner with Percipient and look forward to continuing to collaborate and deliver outstanding results for them and their clients.”

About Percipient

Percipient is a legal technology and services company helping clients tackle legal operations, legal processes and electronic document review. Percipient’s lawyers, data scientists and project managers help clients address legal work with efficiency and accuracy. Learn more about our services. Contact them at 800.971.2291 or

About Venio Systems

Venio Systems is a team of innovators and developers with 30 years of experience in providing eDiscovery solutions with unparalleled agility and ease-of-use while being scalable. Venio Systems was created to address the industry’s lack of a complete eDiscovery solution that powers every phase of eDiscovery. VenioOne, a unified eDiscovery platform, is designed to provide law firms, corporations and government entities with the ability to manage all phases of discovery—processing, ECA, culling, document review, and production—from a single tool. Venio Systems remains on the forefront of innovation to provide solutions any litigator and eDiscovery professional can use. For more information and a demo, visit