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Reduce Risk and Make Your Discovery 10x Faster

Venio ECA is designed for eDiscovery directors in large-to-mid-sized corporations who are looking to reduce their risks and cost, as well as shorten the eDiscovery process.  Venio ECA delivers a powerful but lightweight solution to analyze and reduce data sent to external partners by up to 90% through extremely fast and scalable architecture and workflow.

Unlike other ECA solutions, Venio ECA is faster and does not lock you into any particular data framework or tool, while providing a secure way to upload data and share it with third parties. It has been designed and built to index, analyze, and filter large amounts of data quickly, without increasing your storage footprint. When implemented in-house, Venio ECA ensures complete control of sensitive data, reduced eDiscovery overhead, and mitigated risks.

Venio ECA is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use solution that corporations deploy on-premise for maximum security and retention of sensitive corporate data. Some companies may feel more comfortable with a cloud deployment, which is an option with Venio ECA.

Download the Venio ECA Product Brief here.