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Fairfax, VA: Venio Systems, a Virginia-based company, today announced significant upgrades to Venio ECA, its Early Case Assessment product, targeting three problem areas unmet by current ECA solutions:  

  • Companies are forced to deal with vast amounts of unstructured data, which require time and expense to manage, process, and review before sending out to the service providers.
  • Companies lack insight into what is contained in their data, increasing risks of exposing confidential information. 
  • Companies face delays and difficulties caused by manual, slow search techniques as they attempt to determine what information is contained or missing in their case data.

Venio ECA’s upgrades give corporate eDiscovery teams instant access to ECA data without the need to go through the entire eDiscovery process. This is achieved through pre-built reports and a dashboard with timeline views and other charts to identify custodians, file types, metadata, and email communications, and put all critical information at your fingertips. Visual representation of these data sets provides eDiscovery directors with significant insight to improve critical strategic thinking, vastly improve user experience, and improve the speed of eDiscovery by as much as 90%. Also, searches in Venio ECA can be done instantly, not after processing as in other products, where it can take weeks for such information to be available.

“We’ve heard requests from companies struggling with overwhelming amounts of data,” said Chris Jurkiewicz, Venio EVP. “They lacked the ability to process the information to determine what was valuable and pertinent to the case, but sending all that data over for processing would be cost-prohibitive and pose risks for them, because they didn’t know what was contained in all those files. What they needed was a way to dive into that data and review specific files or timelines without having to go through the entire eDiscovery process.”

“In developing Venio ECA, we targeted the problems we heard expressed in our discussions with users who were unsatisfied with current ECA solutions,” Ankur Agarwal, Venio’s VP of Products, said. “Venio ECA’s easy-to-operate search engine gives them immediate access to the metadata files as well as a way to view timelines. And its color-coded tags provide them with a new way to filter their data and visually ensure that no important tags are overlooked. Venio gives them the tools to make accurate decisions and save time.”

Incorporating these Venio ECA upgrades into Venio Systems’ stable of products ensures the platform offers a single, easy-to-use solution to common eDiscovery issues. By relying on Venio ECA for early case assessment, clients don’t have to be concerned with overlooked tags, timeliness, or the quality of their data.

To learn more about how Venio ECA and its new capabilities can help your company make better use of its data, click this link .