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Washington, D.C.: Venio Systems, the fastest growing eDiscovery technology provider, announces the release of Venio ECA, its new solution for Early Case Assessment to reduce risk and cost by rapidly uncovering relevant data and protecting sensitive information.

Designed for eDiscovery directors of large to mid-sized corporations, Venio ECA delivers a powerful but lightweight solution for quickly analyzing and reducing data by up to 90 percent, thanks to in-place indexing, pre-processing and culling. Venio ECA’s reporting provides a solid foundation for making decisions with the data necessary for case analysis, and when implemented in-house, gives corporations complete control over their sensitive data while reducing eDiscovery costs and minimizing risks. 

“We developed Venio ECA to address four pain points our clients were dealing with in the eDiscovery process,” Ankur Agarwal, Venio’s VP of Products, said. “First, they wanted a way to minimize and manage risks by reducing the amount of data that left the protection of their firewall. Second, they expressed a need to control cost by only sending relevant data for processing and review. Third, they needed a way to save time when dealing with large amounts of data. And finally, they needed to be proactive, which meant finding a way to identify and prepare data for investigation or litigation.”

Venio ECA addresses all of these issues with a powerful set of capabilities, including:

  • Extracting metadata and “in-place” indexing of data with a small footprint
  • Built-in scalability for pre-processing and searching petabytes of data
  • Immediate access to metadata and index texts for investigation
  • Analysis and reporting of indexed data
  • Ability to search and review data sets
  • Defensible deletion of irrelevant and sensitive data for risk mitigation

Unlike traditional ECA providers, Venio ECA has fully automated workflows and comes with unprecedented deployment flexibility as a standalone or an add-on capability on our end-to-end eDiscovery platform, both on-premise and in Venio Cloud. 

Chris Jurkiewicz, Venio co-founder and EVP, Client Services, said he’s heard many professionals in the eDiscovery industry say that when their data leaves their company’s firewall, they have no way to know how safe it is. “They’re concerned that once their data is no longer in their own on-premise storage, it might be transferred multiple times to various types of media, causing the risks of exposure to increase multifold. They need a way to reduce the amount of data that leaves their premises so they can reduce that risk while not getting overwhelmed by the complexity of analyzing and culling all that data themselves. Venio ECA offers the solution they’re seeking — a way to minimize exposure by dramatically decreasing the amount of data that leaves their protection,” Jurkiewicz said.

eDiscovery professionals are dealing with a constantly increasing amount of data, which means their expenses are always on the rise as well. They’re looking for a way to cut the cost of eDiscovery without tying up their workers in endless data analysis and culling. Venio ECA is the answer. It can reduce their costs by as much as 70 percent when sending data out for processing and review, and also allows them to cut their litigation time in half. Venio ECA’s analytics and out-of-the-box reports are the key to finally getting eDiscovery costs under control.

“At Venio, we know that unintended sharing of confidential data in the early days of litigation is the number one cause of poor case results,” Ankur Agarwal said. “Venio ECA was designed to prevent confidential data exposure, allowing companies to reduce risks, control costs, and ensure their data remains secure.”

To learn more about Venio ECA, please visit our Venio ECA page by clicking this link.