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The Right Expertise Maximizes Productivity.

Our experts focus on your business needs, guiding you through onboarding, automation, and customizations to bring efficiency and productivity to your teams. We focus on the problems today, keeping your long-term goals and growth in mind.

A woman and a man, holding a laptop, in a data cetner A woman and a man, holding a laptop, in a data cetner

Become a Venio-Certified Administrator.

Venio-certified administrators demonstrate knowledge, skill, and proficiency in all phases of Venio Systems' eDiscovery stable of  products. Administrators must go through three days of intensive training that is designed to immerse them in the entire eDiscovery workflow, from loading data and exception handling to ECA, review, and production.

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New Project Creation
Quickly learn how to build a project template, which will enable a streamlined, repeatable process to create new projects that can be set up in minutes.
User Management
Step through the user management wizard to create and edit users and groups and configure access.
Binary code and cloud
Data Ingestion
Learn to port in data from multiple sources and monitor the process where eDiscovery can begin.
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Uncover the intricacies of data search using artificial intelligence and computer learning. Learn to search data, tags, or folders for projects. Understand the Query Builder tool for configuring search criteria.
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Dynamic Folders
Dynamic folders are created through the Venio search interface, and wrap a folder structure around search criteria. Learn the dynamic folder structure and establish access controls.
File folder and tag
Tags and Fields
Create tags and tag groups for review, QC, and more. Create and use custom fields to store additional metadata, content, notes, and decisions.
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VenioOne Web
Designed for global reviewers and case managers, the VenioOne Web interface focuses on functionality for case analysis, searching, and review in a browser-based, secure interface. Learn the options for VenioOne Web.
Review Management and Document Review
Multiple review sets power tiered review workflows. Configure review set workflows and learn how reviewers access review sets, check in/out batches, and use the document review interface.
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Predictive Coding
Predictive coding is the use of technology to speed up the review process. Venio has both traditional assisted review (VAR) and continuous active learning (CAL). Explore the VAR and CAL workflows and tools.
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Review the interactive dashboards, reports, email analytics, and other analytics available throughout.
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Learn how to use powerful imaging tools to prepare documents for redaction or production. You will create images, learn the process for manually printing documents, and how to use the Tiff QC module to review image quality.
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Data exportation
Explore various options for exporting content and monitoring exports.

We Streamline the Process for Law Firms.

We solve law firms' challenge of learning complex, disparate systems that have inconsistent user interfaces for ingestion, legal hold, production, and review. We empower firms to be better prepared for hearings and investigations by providing solutions that streamline and improve the litigation process with greater speed and accuracy through our training and administrative certification programs.

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We Provide Legal Service Providers Real eDiscovery Solutions.

The three-day Venio Administration Certification targets administrators only, eliminating expensive, time-consuming user certification for clients.

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The Venio Administrative Certification Empowers Corporations.

Using the single-track Venio Administrative Certification, we empower HR/IT teams to handle internal investigations autonomously, which limits data exposure. Our software enables corporations to quickly upload and process petabytes of ESI, analyzing and reviewing millions of documents without exhaustive staff retraining. The end-to-end Venio user interface sanctions collaboration on complex cases for legal hold, processing, review, ECA, and production.

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Unlock your potential and bring the future of eDiscovery to your company.