Venio launches VenioVibes and VenioVision webinars

  • Will Pfeifer
  • February 16, 2021

In February, Venio Systems is launching two new series of webinars aimed at educating and inspiring discussion in the eDiscovery field. Visit our events page to either register for an upcoming presentation or watch previous webinars.

The webinars will fall into two categories: VenioVibes and VenioVision.

  • VenioVibes will be hosted every second Tuesday at 1 PM Eastern.
  • VenioVisions will be hosted every fourth Tuesday at 1 PM Eastern. 


Our #VenioVibes webinars will be educational in nature, connecting you with experts in the eDiscovery field who will share information and experience designed to improve your processes, help you make more informed decisions, and streamline your operations. 

These webinars are free, and will be recorded and posted for viewing after the event. 

We kicked off the #VenioVibes series with “5 Questions to Ask before Migrating Your Legal Data to the Cloud” on Tuesday, Feb. 9. You can access the recording here. This webinar addressed the security issues that must be considered when deciding how to protect your legal data. With increasing amounts of data and vital business functions moving to the cloud, it’s never been more important for people working in eDiscovery to be aware of the security pitfalls and problems they might encounter and the solutions that are available to their organizations.  

Last month, Venio Systems launched its Venio Cloud End-To-End EDiscovery SaaS, a new cloud-based platform that offers a self-managed, intuitive, and highly scalable solution to transform the way teams handle eDiscovery. In the Feb. 9 webinar, experts from Venio Systems revealed the lessons they learned when developing the cloud-based platform, and how that knowledge can change the way companies address eDiscovery security issues. 

The webinar was presented by Venio Chief Technology Officer Aerstotle Thapa and VP of Products Ankur Agarwal. They talked about the security considerations that went into launching Venio Cloud. Issues covered included protecting storage, data transfers, and others. The webinar also focused on how the most vital security issue isn’t whether the cloud is safer than on-premise storage, it’s what companies do to train their employees to be secure stewards of the data they’re responsible for. Finally, webinar attendees learned the 5 important questions to ask when they’re considering moving their data to the cloud.

To watch the #VenioVibes webinar “5 Questions to Ask before Migrating Your Legal Data to the Cloud,” click here. 


On Tuesday, Feb 23, at 1 p.m. EST, Venio Systems will host its first #VenioVision webinar. The series is designed to be a showcase for thought leadership in the eDiscovery field, featuring experts who will discuss the important issues and questions facing the industry. The first topic to be addressed is “Why eDiscovery Software Fails to Uncover Material Information During Legal Data Reviews?” 

Such issues are common in the industry because though all modern eDiscovery software makes a point of showcasing its review capabilities, most platforms fail to meet the needs of the attorneys who actually perform the review of legal case data. The main reason? Lack of necessary features and complicated technology that is easily misunderstood by the users. The speakers at this VenioVibes webinar have identified a number of major capabilities that every review platform must have (but often doesn’t) to ensure the accurate, timely, and comprehensive reviews that will uncover the information that’s pertinent to the case. 

Click here to register for the webinar and learn what these capabilities are, why they’re necessary and how they should work to make your eDiscovery process more reliable and accurate.

These free webinars will be presented every second Tuesday (for #VenioVibes) and fourth Tuesday (for #VenioVision), and recordings will be available afterwards on If you have any topics in the eDiscovery field that you’d like to see addressed in either a #VenioVision or #VenioVibes webinar, please let us know by emailing us at