Venio Legal Hold FAQs

  • Will Pfeifer
  • August 16, 2021

Venio Legal Hold FAQs

Questions about Venio Legal Hold

1: Does Venio Legal Hold need any special set up or third party products to install and manage?

  • If you are a Venio Cloud customer, you just need to work with your customer service rep to get access to Venio Legal Hold. Additional licensing may be required to enable this access. Please contact us for all questions regarding how to enable Venio Legal Hold for your team.
  • If you are a VenioOne customer, you’ll need to upgrade your on-premise software to version 9.0 and also request the additional license for Venio Legal Hold. Please contact us for all questions regarding how to enable Venio Legal Hold in your environment.
  • If you are new to Venio please contact us today

2: Do I have to install and deploy Venio Legal Hold on my own?  

  • No. Venio Legal Hold comes with the flexible deployment options:
    • As a SaaS solution in Venio Cloud: Just create an account with your Venio support rep and start using Venio Legal Hold.
    • As a standalone product to be deployed on-premise
    • As an additional product available on the latest VenioOne release

3: How much does Venio Legal Hold Cost?   

  • Venio Legal Hold is competitively priced to empower the enterprise teams to get the maximum value from their investment. Because of its multiple deployment options, the price varies. Please click here to request a demo or get a quote 

4: Does Venio Legal Hold include Identification, Collection/Preservation, and connection features?

  •  The license for Venio Legal Hold includes identification and connection to Active Directory and other data sources for custodian information. Comprehensive Identification, Collection, and Preservation are coming soon. The pricing, packaging, and licensing of these products is yet to be announced