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Fairfax, VA: Venio Systems, a leading provider for eDiscovery software, announces significant enhancements to Venio Cloud, VenioOne, Venio Legal Hold, Venio ECA, and Venio Review for a better, faster, stronger, and more secure eDiscovery solution in version 10.4 update.

“One of the biggest contributors to electronically stored information—and therefore, one of the biggest challenges in eDiscovery processing—is email and the corresponding metadata from each and every one. We are combating these challenges with new features, specifically designed to ease the collection, processing, review, and production of emails for our users,” says Venio’s EVP, Chris Jurkiewicz about these impactful innovations.

Venio systems’ release 10.4 aims to simplify our users’ eDiscovery workflows with new and improved features that focus on enhancing layout management, login settings, and the overall user experience. Venio Cloud users, VenioOne users, and stand-alone application users can now enjoy new and upgraded capabilities, including but not limited to:

  • Improved features in the layout management module for simplified eDiscovery and project turnover,
  • Additional transcription capabilities for MP3 and MPEG4 file type; and
  • Increased security features for user login and logout.

“We are dedicated to providing our customers with best-in-class software and support, and our constant improvement to our products is just one way we act on this dedication,” says Akshita Singhal, Venio’s Senior Marketing Manager.

Our continuous development of all Venio products empowers our customers to optimize their eDiscovery workflow and improve their productivity tenfold. Venio remains the global leader for end-to-end and stand-alone eDiscovery software—suited to fit all your legal needs. 

Explore the limitless capabilities of Venio’s latest innovations and how they can help you and your team here.

About Venio Systems

Discover it all and achieve the best possible outcome with Venio Systems. The world’s foremost government agencies, service providers, corporations, and law firms use Venio to develop a highly secure eDiscovery practice to eliminate the data sprawl, time-consuming tasks, and overwhelming costs of managing petabytes of data from early case assessment to production.

Founded by innovators and developers with over 40 years of combined experience, Venio Systems is the only eDiscovery platform with a processing speed of over 10 terabytes per day, a full-featured and AI-powered review, complete end-to-end automation, and self-service built on a unified data layer. Flexible licensing and deployment options across datacenter, private cloud, and cloud-native Software-as-a-Service make Venio an easy choice no matter what stage of eDiscovery adoption you are in. Learn more about Venio products, such as Venio Cloud, Venio Legal Hold, Venio ECA, Venio Review, and VenioOne, at