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FAIRFAX, VA- Venio Systems, a leading provider for eDiscovery software, announces significant enhancements to VenioOne onDemand (VOD), a full-featured browser-based interface with a self-service option that enables immediate uploading, analyzing, reviewing, and producing of electronic documents.

“Venio has always given users an option to use a UI that suits their needs. However, the pandemic caused many of our customers to work remotely 100% of the time, making some of these UIs a challenge to access and secure. To ease the lives of our users, we migrated all our capabilities to a single, powerful, accessible and more responsive web based UI under VOD,” says Ankur Agarwal, Venio’s VP of Products. “Our continuous development of VOD empowers our customers to optimize business performance.”

Venio systems’ release 10.0 consolidates the user interface into a single, easy to use UI with the migration reprocessing, case settings and all other key capabilities to VOD. Both on-premise and cloud users of Venio will no longer need VenioOne Console to experience the full capabilities of the system, including:

  • Additional features of the production module such as image branding, save search option and more.
  • Advanced settings of the case creation module.
  • An improved and more responsive user interface.

“With Venio’s migration of all capabilities to VOD, on-premise customers will have an additional option to upgrade their software to a self-service license of Venio Systems,” says Agarwal about this impactful innovation. “This provides our customers with the power to upload documents from anywhere in the world.”

With VOD built into both, VenioOne and Venio Cloud, Venio remains the global leader for end-to-end browser-based eDiscovery software. With these latest updates, companies that have come to rely on VenioOne OnDemand will be empowered with an even stronger product and increased efficiency.

To learn how VenioOne onDemand and its new capabilities can help your company, click this link.

About Venio Systems

Venio Systems is a leading innovator in eDiscovery software operations and addresses the need for a unified solution for eDiscovery that is easy to use. Venio Systems is focused on constant evolution and improvement and providing excellent service to legal offices, government entities and corporations. For more information visit