Venio Legal Hold: Automate Holds For Teams

Overwhelmed by a manual hold process that spans multiple cases and locations, hundreds of custodians and millions of documents, and chat data like Microsoft Teams?

Litigation Directors, Paralegals, and IT staff, looking to modernize their organization’s traditional spreadsheet, email, and legacy tool-based legal hold process need an automated and intelligent solution that’s easy to deploy and use.
Only Venio Legal Hold comes with all the key capabilities, such as automated notifications, reminders, templates, acknowledgment tracking, custodian management, reports, and dashboards as a standalone product with seamless upgrade to a full end-to-end eDiscovery solution
Full support for Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook, and other collaboration tools makes Venio Legal Hold the best in class solution to create, manage, and track your hold processes.

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Why Venio Legal Hold?

Accurate and Reliable Legal Hold Process

  • Simplify error-prone process
  • Keep attention to detail
  • Meet critical deadlines

Improved Workflow, Controlled Spend

  • Increase productivity over manual work
  • Take control of entire legal hold process
  • Stay current on progress

Future-Proof Investment and Technology

  • Handle any number of cases or holds
  • Make transition to full end-to-end eDiscovery
  • Utilize as SaaS or deploy on-premise




“In my experience, law firms and their clients avoid some of the most damaging discovery mistakes by managing the legal hold process effectively. This is true for individual cases and across matters. Leveraging technology to automate a well thought-through workflow helps bring consistency and discipline to the hold process in addition to gains in productivity. That is why I like Venio's focus on its new integrated Legal Hold module."

Dan Rizzolo
Managing Director of ePercept
Adjunct Professor, Loyola University School of Law

Venio Systems

“Traditionally enterprises have used spreadsheets, emails, and legacy tools to execute their legal hold requirements. But this approach is neither reliable nor scalable. Important custodians may never receive their notifications or acknowledge the receipt. Since such notifications cannot be customized, custodians may get confused and accidentally ignore them or delete important assets. Venio Legal Hold solves these problems and makes a corporation’s hold process as simple as creating the hold and letting the system automate all the steps.”

Ankur Agarwal
Venio Systems VP of Products

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