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Do you know which emails are Missing in your eDiscovery Data? VenioOne Does

  • Venio Systems
  • November 20, 2019

Think about the implications of missing emails in your eDiscovery data sets and the data sets you receive during production. First, important pieces of evidence could be missing. Second, emails from custodians who may have knowledge may be missing. Finally, what if the smoking gun email was deleted? VenioOne’s email thread view has the potential to help with all of these situations.

If you’re using the VenioOne eDiscovery platform to review your eDiscovery or investigation data, there will never again be a doubt about which emails might be missing. That’s because our enhanced email threading view not only identifies where there are missing emails, it also compiles the content of those missing emails from other emails included in the communication thread. These features are not only helpful in identifying where custodians may have deleted emails, but also in identifying additional custodians where data may need to be collected.


eDiscovery Software Data Email Thread View Options

Email Thread View

The Email Thread View is simply another view for search results in VenioOne eDiscovery platform. Within that view, there are three ways to view the emails – All, Collapsed Missing Email, or Inclusive Only. In addition to the view drop-down menu, there is also a button providing expand all and collapse all functionality with a single click. There is also a warning at the bottom of the screen to clearly indicate when an email within the conversation is missing.


eDiscovery Software Data Missing Emails


Missing Emails

Missing emails are clearly indicated by an envelope with a red X on it. The number of missing emails appears in parentheses just prior to the Subject of an email group.


eDiscovery Software Data Email Thread Legend


When an email thread is expanded, emails that are present, as well as missing emails, will be displayed. If a parent node is checked, the child nodes are auto checked to make tagging and coding of eDiscovery data easier. The legend above shows how both missing and system generated emails are clearly identified by their envelope icons and colors.

Additional Email Threading Information

To learn more about the email threading feature in the VenioOne eDiscovery platform, you may download a handout or listen to our recent webinar about this enhanced feature. If you are interested in a demo of the feature, please request one here.