The current COVID-19 pandemic has created a need to adapt to a work-from-home environment overnight.


We’re here to help.

eDiscovery at Home with VenioOne on Demand

Designed specifically for attorneys, paralegals and other remote users working in their Internet browsers from anywhere, VenioOne OnDemand is an easy to use, but full-featured, eDiscovery portal that will empower you to get your work done quickly again.


From uploading data to full analytics, review, and even production exports, you can do it all within your Internet browser from anywhere at any time.

It’s no wonder thousands of VenioOne OnDemand users have been giving it rave reviews over the past two years!

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VenioOne OnDemand
solves your eDiscovery problems.

No Waiting. Works 24/7

Create a case and upload data for immediate processing. VenioOne OnDemand never sleeps, so it can be used day or night for uploading and processing data. Automated emails let you and project managers know when data is finished processing.

Analyzing Produced Data

Sometimes, legal and investigative teams need to load produced data for quick turnaround and review. Not only will VenioOne OnDemand process numerous raw data types, it can also load common production and forensic image formats.

No Complicated Processes

Drag-and-Drop Uploads, full Searching, Analytics, and Rapid Production Exports are all designed to be easy-to-use. Full rights management ensures that you only see the tools you need to use to get your work done.

Internal Investigations

HR and IT team members can quickly load data for analysis during internal investigations without the assistance of eDiscovery or practice support team members.

No Remote Connection

No VPN, CITRIX or RDP needed. VenioOne OnDemand works as fast as any legal or investigative team from within an Internet browser from any location.

Secure Collaboration Made Easy

Secure sharing of data or ‘invite to upload’ with a simple link that expires. No additional licenses required.

Project Resource Alignment

Empowering attorneys, paralegals, and investigative team members to work on smaller matters. Frees up project managers to manage larger, more complex projects.

No Data Transfers

The VenioOne OnDemand self-service portal is a direct view into the main VenioOne database. Our full end-to-end eDiscovery platform on the back end provides more sophisticated functions like technology assisted review (TAR), continuous active learning (CAL), and full managed review. There is no transferring data if your case grows and needs these more robust functions and management.

Airtight Security

Secure access and data transfers that maintain chain of custody and metadata. Access rights and case templates enable control and ensure ease of use for attorneys, investigators, and paralegals.

Fully Vetted

VenioOne OnDemand was created with a large service provider and has continued to be tested and improved over the last several years. It is used globally by thousands of users.

We Listen

Our founders worked in the e-business for decades and created the company they wanted to do business with, so you get a true partner and rock star support, especially in times of great need.

VenioOne OnDemand eDiscovery Demo Videos

eDiscovery Secure Sharing

eDiscovery Invite to Upload

eDiscovery Platform Features and Benefits

1 —

Start Now

Designed for attorneys, paralegals, and investigative team members to be able to dive into discovery and investigation activities within minutes.

2 —

Easy Access

Simply open your Internet browser and login from anywhere at any time. Even works on your phone or favorite tablet.

3 —


Drag-and-drop documents into your web browser and VenioOne’s automated processing immediately begins converting them into a searchable and reviewable format.

4 —

No Tag Setup

Case templates mean your commonly used tags are available. If you need more, simply add them in VenioOne OnDemand.

5 —

Full Featured Review

Access, review, and analyze your documents with full search and analytics in an intuitive interface that’s fast and easy to use.

6 —

Visually Analyze and Find Documents

Interactive widgets provide insights into your data for early case assessment and analysis. Add additional widgets you need.

7 —

Customizable Layouts

Setup your favorite widgets into different layouts for specific tasks and save them for easy access across your active projects.

8 —

Securely Share Documents

Send a set of documents to experts or witnesses with an easy to access secure email link. Do additional collection via a secure ‘invite to upload’ email link.Those involved in the matter are automatically notified and all actions are tracked.

9 —

Easy Production

Case templates mean production and exports can be done quickly by end users and sent with a secure link.

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