One of the most important capabilities for a technology firm (or any company for that matter) is to be extremely focused on clients and partners. We recognize that this should be a no-brainer, however as companies grow over time, they sometimes lose connectivity with their clients and partner needs. We believe innovation requires vision and intentional collaboration with our clients and partners, which is the foundation of our success. Here are a few key takeaways for every business to keep in mind.

1. Partners are an Extension of Our Team and Vice Versa

We think of our partners in all that we do. The most critical commitment in our business is that we are partner-centric. This approach informs every action we take. Our goal is to act in their best interests because we recognize our partners help us grow, learn, and innovate easily. From partner calls to meetings to recognition – like our 10th Anniversary awards – it is important that always focus on our partners. We believe you get out of a partnership what you put into it.

2. It Takes a Village to Drive Innovation

Every company brings its unique value proposition to the market and when we put all of our ideas together – the sum is greater than the parts. We constantly develop ideas for the Venio platform. Much of our innovation comes from our team being in the industry for so long and understanding what change is needed. In addition, we love hearing from our partners and certified administrators as they share their business goals and needs. Innovation breeds opportunity and vice versa. Together we develop a meaningful and robust innovation agenda, many items coming straight from customer requests or support interactions. Since we leverage agile to release improvements every two weeks – we are constantly engaging and listening to our partners to implement both short and long term solutions.

3. We Can Build a Community and It Matters

One of our main focuses is to create community. Whether it is supporting non-profits led by eDiscovery professionals or delivering webinars and training with our partners – our goal is to create a strong community. Currently, one of our focuses is to create community not only overall with partners, but also by partner segment. We look forward to launching user groups that focus on core areas of the legal eDiscovery community and investing even more in the community both in person and online.

4. We Can Develop Opportunities Together

We believe in creating opportunities together and this includes content, relationships, and collaborative efforts to grow our businesses together. We work with our partners on creating content because we want to highlight what makes them unique – whether it is how they use our platform or how they deliver value in other ways. Highlighting our partners and clients in ways that are meaningful to their audience helps develop new business opportunities for them. When our clients are happy, we are happy.

5. We Keep Our Finger on the Pulse of Client & Partner Needs

We constantly work on listening to our clients and staying in tune with their needs. This is a big job – and it is one of our most important goals. Every client and partner has their own agenda and it is critical to understand their priorities and work our hardest to make sure we invest in what they need in a thoughtful and intentional way. From emails to phone calls to in-person meetings, listening is a core value that other competitors often underestimate. Markets and needs change. We want to ensure we provide the solutions that benefit our clients and partners; they are after all why we are in business.

If your organization is working hard at focusing on partners and clients, we hope this article helped provide a few ways to think about it. Throughout every company’s growth, staying true to the client can be challenging given the pressing concerns every business faces. However, we believe that if you leverage a model focused on the client, it is a win-win-win – for you, the client, and the market.