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End-to-End eDiscovery Software That’s Easy, Accurate, and Fast

Reduce costs, minimize review time, and operationalize the eDiscovery process.

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Achieve Faster, More Accurate Results for Less With Technology That Drives Success.

10x Faster Processing
90% Less Data to Review
10x Greater Team Productivity
90% Lower TCO

Venio Systems Has Solutions for the eDiscovery Ecosystem.

Corporations, service providers, law firms, and government agencies can all improve workflows with purposeful technology.

Business Building

For Corporations

Bring eDiscovery in-house with a platform that has built-in best practices and automation to simplify adoption and reduce risk of data sprawl.

Government Building

For Government

Manage complex investigations in a unified solution to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Small Business Building

For eDiscovery Providers

Expand your market share while lowering costs with the industry’s highest throughput (more than 10TB/day).

Scales of Justice

For Law Firms

Uncover critical evidence quickly, and employ tiered review for high volume.

A businessman holds a tablet and points to an icon displaying AI concepts.

A True Unified System

Our eDiscovery platform includes all your tools in one platform, not a collection of widgets that create roadblocks in workflows.

Close-up of hands on a keyboard with technology icons in the foreground

Exceptional User Experience

We designed our software to be self-service, easy to use, and intuitive so that users can adopt faster and more confidently.

A person holds a mobile phone with technology and security icons

Advanced Tools That Deliver

By using AI and CAL/TAR predictive coding, you’ll ease the strains of review time, narrowing it down to the most important documents.


See how easy it is to launch in-house eDiscovery today.

eDiscovery Solutions Are Designed to Serve All Needs.

Cloud Core

Venio Cloud With powerful, secure, reliable, and cloud-native eDiscovery SaaS, you can take on more volume, backed by automation, batch and AI-assisted review, and up to 10TB of data processing a day.

Government Building

Venio Legal Hold Automate holds for teams and remove manual work. Simplify an error-prone process, meet deadlines, increase productivity, and track custodians with ease.

The Cloud on a Computer

Venio ECA Control costs by up to 70%, and cut time by up to 50%, sending only the most relevant data to processing. Reduce data exposure risks with analytics and insight.

Lock with Checkmark

Venio Review Eliminate risk and slow review with a solution that centralizes data without manual imports or integrations. Improve accuracy and quality with AI while reducing expenses.


VenioOne Intuitive, scalable, and easy to deploy, this unified eDiscovery platform is agile, web-based, and workflow-ready. Review, analyze, and process with speed with this complete solution.

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