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VenioOne. Redefining eDiscovery Software.

The VenioOne unified eDiscovery platform is a solution for all phases of the eDiscovery process: ingestion, processing, early case assessment, analytics, review, and production. It is a powerful solution that removes the need for moving data between multiple piecemeal applications and allows you to store your data wherever you need. The VenioOne OnDemand platform is a web-based simplified user interface that requires minimal training yet is scalable and powerful enough for any size discovery project.

Centralize Your eDiscovery

User-Friendly eDiscovery Interfase

With an easy to use and intuitive interface, your team will be up and running on Venio quickly and confidently.

Improved Discovery Workflow

VenioOne streamlines the eDiscovery process, saving your team time and resources that can be put to solving mission-critical litigation challenges.

Lighting Fast

We know speed matters. The VenioOne platform crushes ESI data volumes in a cloud environment or behind your firewall.

Complete, Unified eDiscovery Platform

Replace at least five of your existing eDiscovery technologies with VenioOne, allowing you to save time and avoid risk of moving data between multiple software platforms.

A Complete Self-Service eDiscovery Software

Start Now

VenioOne OnDemand gives you the ability to dive into discovery activities within minutes so you can immediately begin to experience VenioOne Unified eDiscovery platform!

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop documents thru the web, which allow VenioOne's automated processing to immediately begin converting your documents into a searchable and reviewable format.

No Hardware or Software to Maintain

VenioOne OnDemand is a web access solution which provides you everything you need without the labor or cost required of buying, installing, and maintaining your own infrastructure.

Full Featured Review

VenioOne OnDemand includes a full featured review tool to help you assess, review, and analyze your documents. You have the power of our advanced search and analytics integrated into an intuitive interface that's fast and easy to use.

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