Venio Systems is excited to introduce our new eDiscovery SaaS, Venio Cloud. If you didn’t get a chance to attend our webinar, please click here for the recording. 

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“Venio Cloud takes our products and services to the next level with a self-managed, intuitive, and highly scalable solution to transform the way teams handle eDiscovery,” said Ankur Agarwal, Venio’s VP of Products. “We use the latest development practices and technologies, such as machine learning, to reduce the time and money spent on eDiscovery tasks. Venio Cloud will change the way eDiscovery is done.”

What is Venio Cloud?

For years, Venio Systems has been providing an end-to-end eDiscovery solution, taking clients from ingestion through production. And now, with Venio Cloud, those same capabilities  are  available in a completely cloud-based application.

Venio Cloud is a SaaS (software-as-a-service), completely hosted by Venio, and available for everyone involved in eDiscovery or investigations. 

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Our motivation behind Venio Cloud was simple – we had to find a way to improve the experience for all users (including admins, project managers, attorneys, witnesses, and employees), most of whom are not IT experts, reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) for our partners, and accelerate the delivery of features and fixes. 

SaaS was the answer. But I understand that we still need to explain what a true SaaS application will mean to you. What impact you can expect. What you can still do. What you cannot do. The following sections will cover these details.


Venio Cloud is 100% hosted by us. We manage the infrastructure, servers, virtual machines, network, storage, and anything else required to run the application. Since the public cloud has infinite resources, you never have to worry about running out of storage or processing power or bandwidth. You can focus on managing your business while we do the tedious tasks of keeping the infrastructure alive and available for you.

This also means that you cannot (and shouldn’t have to) manage servers and hardware. You won’t have to perform load balancing between servers and you certainly won’t have the access to the raw machines (physical or virtual). 

You’ll never have to patch Windows servers or upgrade vSphere. A team of extraordinarily intelligent software engineers at AWS and their equally capable counterparts at Venio will do it for you.  


With all the news about ransomware, cryptojacking, and information heists, we understand that security is a big issue in the legal and eDiscovery industry. We are storing terabytes of sensitive, legal data and you are probably wondering if we can provide you the same level of security as your current provider. Let me assure you that we have made security one of the core tenets of Venio Cloud. We understand that the way to protect data is by:

  1. Understanding that security is a multidimensional issue spanning across the datacenter, hardware, network, data, and application: Because we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our public cloud provider, we can leverage their legendary security protocols to ensure that obvious hacks will not work. We also ensure that all the EC2 machines we use are accessed by our staff, securely. Finally, we protect data at rest and in transit with full SSL encryption, VPN access, and more. 
  2. Reducing the attack vectors across all these dimensions: We make sure that we don’t leave any unnecessary machines running in the cloud. We also purge access to our servers and try to install minimal software on each server.

Cloud-native Application

Venio Cloud was developed as a cloud-native application, which means that it is multi-tenant, web-based, browser accessible and globally available. No matter where your team, clients, witnesses, or partners are, they can all access the same application and upload and view the data that you allow them to. They won’t have to install any software. Internet connectivity and access to a browser like IE or Chrome are all that they need to use the application. 

Subscription and Elastic Licensing

Venio Cloud comes with subscription-based licensing that is fully elastic, which means that you can increase or decrease your usage according to your caseload. In the interest of transparency, I would like to mention that we do this with a base subscription and burst licensing to add the flexibility and elasticity mentioned here.

Fast Feature Releases

Because the application is hosted by us, you get the latest features, bug fixes, and enhancements as soon as we build them. In fact, SaaS is the fastest way to experience new capabilities. This also means that if we notice any major issues, we can roll them back quickly.

Venio-Cloud-Graphic-transparent-300x196End-to-End eDiscovery Platform

An end-to-end solution requires all aspects of eDiscovery to be in one system. This means that ingestion and ECA, processing, review, export, and production should all be available to maintain consistent user experience and data integrity. 

Single Cloud Platform

As a single, cloud-based platform, Venio Cloud allows you to do all your work in one end-to-end application, from ingestion to production. You can handle processing, ECA, export, production, review, or any other tasks without having to switch platforms. This approach is remarkably different than what you see in the market today. Some of the most well-known processing software may have acquired a review solution from another company. Conversely, review vendors are trying to integrate processing solutions from their partners or acquisition targets. While these approaches may work for some customers, most find that the post-development integration of mature tools results in a clunky and inelegant solution with too many single points of failures, data integrity issues, and an uneven and jarring user experience.

All capabilities of Venio Cloud were built on a single underlying platform. As your data flows from ingestion to production, there’s a single, unified data management and visualization solution, with consistent UI, and predictable behavior, giving users the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their data is safe and located in a single place.

What’s more, the cloud offers a greater level of flexibility when compared with hosting on-premises. If additional data storage is required, a cloud-based solution can meet that requirement quickly, with no need to undergo a complex and costly update involving your IT infrastructure. This flexibility can greatly increase the efficiency of your organization’s eDiscovery process, and help you quickly meet the changing demands of your business.

A variety of add-ons are available within Venio Cloud, including OCR (Optical Character Recognition), a self-service portal, TAR/CAL (Technology -Assisted Review/Continuous Active Learning), and others. Many of these are either already included in Venio Cloud or available as part of our introductory promotional pricing for clients who sign up in the near future. The pricing tiers of Venio Cloud are based on usage, meaning that the amount you pay depends on how much data you have under management. You have the flexibility to grow your Venio Cloud footprint only when your business grows. 

Feature Parity with Venio One

Venio Cloud features complete parity with VenioOne, Venio Systems’ existing eDiscovery software platform. It will grow at the same pace as VenioOne – features and developments available in one platform will be available in the other. That’s because Venio Systems doesn’t see the situation as either/or when it comes to on-premises versus cloud-based, and believes a hybrid approach is the winning approach. Some clients have data that must be stored on-premises, while some have data that works better in a cloud environment. Both VenioOne and Venio Cloud will continue to develop, and the code base we are using for both products is the same.

Whether your needs are large or small, Venio Cloud is the flexible, end-to-end eDiscovery SaaS for you. Learn more.

Who is Venio Cloud designed to help?

We designed Venio Cloud to be easy enough for all users (including admins, project managers, attorneys, paralegals, witnesses, and employees), across all industries. Here are 4 segments that we think will find our offering useful.

eDiscovery_icon_large-01-300x265eDiscovery Service Providers: 

Venio Cloud provides a faster, better way of eDiscovery software  you’re already familiar with. You can lower your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) without making a large investment in new hardware or software, and have the freedom to scale up quickly as your business grows. 


Are you only concerned with indexing and searching? No problem. Venio Cloud allows you to accomplish those tasks, and then send the data to your service provider. You can also send processed data to outside counsel for review or, if you already have an eDiscovery discipline in-house and just need the software, Venio Cloud can handle your end-to-end process, too. You can upload and process petabytes of data, analyze and review millions of documents, and collaborate on complex cases for processing, review, ECA, and production.

Law-Icon-Large-01-300x265Law Firms:

You can put your clients’ data into Venio Cloud and perform reviews or use it in whichever way works best for your firm. Prepare for hearings and investigations with greater speed and accuracy, uncover material evidence, and use TAR/CAL to assist with massive reviews. Venio Cloud can do all this and more.


Venio Cloud Advantages

Venio Cloud isn’t just a matter of taking the same software and putting it into the cloud. It was designed to change the way eDiscovery is done. 

With Venio Cloud, clients can be onboarded more quickly, without the usual worries about software working with your existing data or workflows. Installing an on-premise solution requires a lot of complex, often costly, work involving IT, licensing, etc. A cloud-based application, on the other hand, allows fast, easy access. We can onboard clients quickly and get them up and running within a matter of days versus weeks.

Venio Cloud will evolve quickly, too. New features will be rolled out every month (with monthly webinars to introduce and explain them), and the cloud-based platform means clients can access those new features right away. We are focused on customer needs, and those needs guide how we develop, improve, and refine our products. 

And because a multi-tenant, cloud-based solution offers greater economies of scale, the costs are reduced as the overall usage grows, allowing us to pass those savings on to you.   

What Venio Cloud is Not

We have talked a lot about what Venio Cloud can do and what it is. Let’s take a look at what Venio Cloud is not.

We created Venio Cloud to simplify eDiscovery for all users and offer new capabilities to a wider set of audiences across the world. But the eDiscovery world needs a hybrid solution – where some data has to be on-premises even though most can move to the cloud. There are multiple reasons for it, like latency issues, security considerations, and partner trust-worthiness. But the most important issue is the legal requirement that may prohibit data from leaving your private cloud or datacenter. For this reason and to provide multiple options to our customers, we are committed to keeping our flagship and on-premises solution, VenioOne at the same level of support and development as Venio Cloud. We believe that any vendor who does otherwise is either oblivious to their customers’ needs or doesn’t care about their business.

Venio Cloud is also not part of a plan to provide legal services. We have no intention of being a legal service provider.. Venio Systems is a software company. We will deliver the best eDiscovery technology in the world. Our future roadmap may include more capabilities than just eDiscovery but our  focus is software delivered on-premises, in containers, and in the cloud. 

Venio Cloud or VenioOne?

We have already covered a lot of ground but I’m sure you’re asking, “How do I decide which product is right for me?” Venio Cloud, which is easy to get started with, or VenioOne, which gives me more control over the underlying infrastructure and data management layer.

We recommend you start by asking these questions:

  • Are you new to Venio?
  • Does your company not have an established infrastructure?
  • Do you want to avoid the complications of working with your IT team?
  • Do you need the ability to easily flex your storage capacity?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then Venio Cloud might be the solution you’re looking for. Cloud deployment is instant, meaning you don’t have to worry about infrastructure or IT. And it involves a possible lower cost of ownership. (Venio will provide ROI models to help you make that choice.) What’s more, Venio Cloud is elastic, expanding and contracting to fit your resources and needs. 

But if you’re already a customer using VenioOne and you can securely host your own servers, licenses and networks, manage your own Windows and MS SQL Server licenses, patches and upgrades, have your own IT team and secure data hosting solutions, and don’t need to deal with elastic case load, you may not need to  move to Venio Cloud. 

Once again, I strongly believe that Venio Cloud will lower your TCO and it will certainly give you access to the new features much faster but, ultimately, it’s your decision.

 We want to provide the best solution for your specific needs, and we’ll answer any questions you might have to help you make that decision.

Getting Started with Venio Cloud


Getting started with Venio Cloud can be done quickly and easily. Our goal is to make the process simple and seamless. Here’s a potential timeline for new customers to start using  Venio Cloud:

  • Day 0: Visit our website,, and read about Venio Cloud. Check out the FAQ, the product brief, and the press release. Then consider the benefits and make the decision that it’s the solution you need.
  • Day 1: Sign the purchase order.
  • Day 2: Onboard to Venio Cloud, get the lay of land of the infrastructure, log in, and start managing your organization’s data and storage with full support from Venio’s Training and Support teams to get you up to speed.
  • Day 3: Start using Venio Cloud for all your eDiscovery needs. 


If you’re an existing Venio customer, the process can take a little longer:

  • Day 0: Make the decision to change from VenioOne to Venio Cloud.
  • Day 1: Explore your Venio Cloud trial offer, investigate the costs, and decide which tier is right for your specific needs. 
  • Day 3: Onboard to Venio Cloud.
  • Day 3: Plan your data migration to Venio Cloud. 
  • Day 4: Migrate your data. This can take one day or several, depending on how much data is involved. You can use Venio Cloud for new cases during the migration process. There’s no need to wait until all your data has made the transition to Venio Cloud.
  • Day N: Start using Venio Cloud for the cases that have been migrated.

Features of Venio Cloud

Finally, we have talked a lot about the benefits of Venio Cloud and the reasons to consider it as your next eDiscovery platform. Before we wrap up, here’s a quick introduction to some of the key capabilities available in Venio Cloud:

  • Fully Managed, Secure Cloud Delivery: Onboard clients, cases, and users without waiting, regardless of the size and complexity, and serve your clients while leaving tedious tasks like managing servers, staff, and storage to Venio Systems. 
  • Lightning Fast Processing: Process data up to 10-times faster, up to 10 terabytes per day, and scale to process petabytes of data across thousands of cases and users. Simultaneously process multiple media, custodians, and job types, and handle hundreds of types of data, all while reordering or pausing processing jobs with no data loss or rework.
  • AI-Powered Review: Native, full-featured, self-learning, easy-to-use review capability handles linear and batched review, as well as TAR and CAL. Machine learning reduces case data by up to 90 percent to surface what matters the most in your cast or investigation. Email thread views identify missing or deleted email content, and the social network diagram allows you to drill down into individual conversations.
  • Highly Automated Operations: Increase team productivity by 10x by cutting time devoted to tedious tasks such as new case creation, tag and coding setup, review set generation, etc. Customizable and automated workflows ensure consistent and efficient processes from ingestion through production.
  • Interactive analytics:  Gain immediate insight and action with dashboards and interactive, customizable widgets, sample data for QC or strategic data analysis, and visualize email gaps and communication patterns.

Additional Resources

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