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Explore how this eDiscovery services provider revolutionized its eDiscovery operations with our help.

Delivery of eDiscovery solutions can be complex, hard to manage, and expensive. To solve these challenges, Ricoh was looking for a software partner that would help it:

  • Create a self-service tool.
  • Enable custom workflows.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Enhance flexibility.

It was able to find this and more by implementing VenioOne. Explore the company’s journey and how it found success for internal teams and customers.

“Tight discovery deadlines and growing volumes of data can make the eDiscovery process complex. eDiscovery OnDemand supports efficient eDiscovery processing, culling, review, and production at a moment’s notice and without the infrastructure costs typically associated with a specialized environment.”
—David Greetham, vice president of eDiscovery sales and operations, Ricoh USA

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