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Venio Cloud

What is included in the Venio Cloud service? 

  • Lightning-fast, cloud-native end-to-end eDiscovery platform with dramatically lower upfront costs and up to 10x ROI.
  • Fully managed, infinitely scalable cloud infrastructure; no provisioning and deploying servers, managing software licenses, networks, or storage.
  • Enterprise-grade security built into the eDiscovery platform that provides an additional layer of safety over the legendary security features and processes in Amazon Web Services.
  • Immediate access to monthly upgrades and innovations, ancillary software licenses, and Venio’s rock star customer support and training .

Who is Venio Cloud built for? 

Any size law firm, eDiscovery service provider, corporation, or government agency wishing to:

  • Control eDiscovery costs.
  • Easily equip remote workers.
  • Move to a cloud-native eDiscovery platform.
  • Upgrade a legacy eDiscovery platform.
  • Move away from on-premise eDiscovery solutions.
  • Avoid building out their own cloud environment.
  • Bring eDiscovery in-house.
  • Enable modern eDiscovery workflows.
  • Reduce the headaches associated with eDiscovery.

What are the benefits of Venio Cloud? 

  • Modern eDiscovery platform and public cloud access can be deployed for end users within minutes versus hours or days.
  • Predictable cost, economies of scale, and auto-scaling environment fits your expansion needs and provides maximum flexibility.
  • Eliminate server maintenance, licensing, administration, and staffing costs.
  • Receive peace of mind with uninterrupted uptime, 24/7 client access, and data redundancy as a secure backup to protect from malfunction and server crashes.

How secure is the Venio Cloud environment? 

  • Physical security of infrastructure and secure cloud support via AWS.
  • Built-in two-factor authentication, robust, granular user rights management, encrypted passwords and other sensitive information, VPN-controlled access, and encrypted data transfers secured by SSL.

What parts of the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM) does Venio Cloud include? 

Venio Cloud incudes everything from processing to review to production and all of the features that you would expect from a Tier 1 eDiscovery platform.

What support for social media data does the platform have? 

Venio Cloud currently has tools for processing Slack, Microsoft Teams, Bloomberg, Cellebrite, Twitter, and Facebook data with new additions coming in the future.

What features are available within Venio Cloud? 

  • Easy drag-and-drop uploads of virtually any data or media type.
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple media and job types for up to 10x faster processing (up to 10 TB/day).
  • Auto-collection of tiered and batched reviews.
  • Email thread view and mobile data visualization.
  • Reduction in data to be reviewed by up to 90% with TAR/CAL.
  • Up to 10x higher team productivity with intelligent error handling.
  • Consistent and efficient processes with built-in automation and workflows.
  • Interactive analytics dashboards for immediate insight and action.
  • Visualization of email gaps and communication patterns with Venio’s Timeline and Social Network Diagram.

What customer support is included with Venio Cloud? 

  • Free 24/7 rock star customer support.
  • Free onboarding training and monthly videos and new feature training.
  • Access to Venio’s extensive Customer Portal of materials.

Why do you say Venio has “rock star customer support?" 

We want to make you look and feel like a rock star! Since its inception, Venio’s core focus has been on ensuring that your team and customers have the highly competent and cordial support they need to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently while meeting ever-changing deadlines and complex technical requirements.

Why choose Venio over other eDiscovery software providers? 

Venio was built by eDiscovery veterans with decades of experience. They built the eDiscovery platform they wished they had. It has been thoroughly vetted for more than 10 years and is the best kept secret of industry-leading service providers, law firms, and government agencies.

Venio Legal Hold

Does Venio Legal Hold need any special setup or third-party products to install and manage? 

If you are a Venio Cloud customer, you just need to work with your customer service rep to get access to Venio Legal Hold. Additional licensing may be required to enable this access. Please contact us with all questions regarding how to enable Venio Legal Hold for your team.

If you are a VenioOne customer, you’ll need to upgrade your on-premise software to version 9.0 and also request the additional license for Venio Legal Hold. Please contact us with all questions regarding how to enable Venio Legal Hold in your environment.

If you are new to Venio, please contact us today.

Do I have to install and deploy Venio Legal Hold on my own?  

No. Venio Legal Hold comes with flexible deployment options:

  • As a SaaS solution in Venio Cloud. Just create an account with your Venio support rep and start using Venio Legal Hold.
  • As a stand-alone product to be deployed on-premise.
  • As an additional product available on the latest VenioOne release.

How much does Venio Legal Hold cost? 

Venio Legal Hold is competitively priced to empower enterprise teams to get the maximum value from their investment. Because of its multiple deployment options, the price varies.  Talk to a representative for more information.

Does Venio Legal Hold include identification, collection/preservation, and connection features? 

The license for Venio Legal Hold includes identification and connection to Active Directory and other data sources for custodian information. Comprehensive identification, collection, and preservation are coming soon. The pricing, packaging, and licensing of these products is yet to be announced.

Please contact us for more details, demos, and quotes.

Venio ECA

What are the pain points that Venio ECA addresses? 

  • Control eDiscovery Cost: The most dramatic means to reduce costs is by sending only relevant data for eDiscovery processing and review. Additional cost savings result from reducing overhead for any particular case research. We are not saying you will want to reduce internal staff. Instead, Venio ECA will allow your staff to focus on their normal work. Venio ECA will also streamline the resources needed by trusted service providers once the project goes to processing and review, saving you more money.
  • Save Valuable Time: With AI and machine learning, huge amounts of data may be organized and indexed so they can be quickly searched and relevant data can be identified. Counsel needs to identify what data is there, and you have the ability to have a high-level overview of the data early in the process.
  • Manage and Minimize Risk: Venio ECA will reduce the amount of data leaving your corporate firewall and improve visibility into what’s being sent out. It leaves you in control of your data.
  • Be Proactive: The most successful companies are proactive. With increased volumes of data and more complex data types, it becomes necessary to identify and prepare data for investigation as early in the process as possible.

If I have VenioOne or Venio Cloud, do I still need Venio ECA? 

No. If you have VenioOne or Venio Cloud, you already have all the capabilities included in Venio ECA.

Is Venio ECA the same as VenioOne processing? 

No. Venio ECA is a brand-new capability designed for corporations who need a powerful, lightweight solution to analyze data and perform defensible deletion before sending it out for processing without having to deploy a full-fledged processing solution. 

Though it is built on our end-to-end eDiscovery platform, Venio ECA is still available as a stand-alone product for customers.

What makes Venio ECA different from the other ECA providers on the market?  

To our knowledge, Venio ECA is the only stand-alone ECA product on the market. You are not tied into Venio Cloud, VenioOne, or Venio Review. Venio ECA provides all the tools needed for early case assessment. Other ECA providers use ECA as a feature of their full eDiscovery product. If all you need is early case assessment, you will save substantially with Venio ECA and only pay for what you need.

Venio ECA uses in-place indexing. The advantage of this is that it vastly truncates the data footprint required for ECA. Other providers need two or three copies of the key data sources, which is not the case with Venio ECA.

Since Venio ECA is built on our end-to-end eDiscovery platform, upgrading to full-fledged eDiscovery is simple and instant.

Venio ECA is fully automated, fast, and does not lock you into any particular data framework or tool while providing a secure way to upload data and share it with third parties. 

Is Venio ECA only for on-premise eDiscovery?  

Venio ECA can be used in three different ways:

  • As a stand-alone product to be deployed on-premise.
  • As an additional product available on the latest VenioOne release.
  • As an additional capability in Venio Cloud.

How much does Venio ECA cost?  

Venio ECA is competitively priced, especially considering you do not have to commit to the entire Venio eDiscovery product or service. The fees are based on a number of factors and vary depending upon your business needs.   

Contact sales at 855-662 -8600 or email us at to get a quote. 

Venio Review

What types of review does Venio Review support? 

Venio Review supports:

  • Ad hoc data reviews.
  • Batched review sets.
  • Technology assisted reviews using TAR/CAL, which reduces the amount of data to be reviewed by up to 90%.
  • Tiered reviews with auto-collection to quickly enable second-tier reviews to begin.

What is the licensing model for Venio Review? 

For on-premise account users, we offer flexible licensing programs. For cloud-based accounts, licensing is managed by data size.

How can Venio Review be deployed? 

Venio Review is part of our end-to-end solution, sharing the same unified data layer and platform as the rest of our tools. So you don’t need to build integrations or export/import data to go from processing to review stage. Users of Venio Cloud and VenioOne can enable Venio Review capabilities through proper licensing without having to deploy any additional software or integrations.

What security features does Venio Review have? 

  • Built-in two-factor authentication (or integration with AD or Okta).
  • Full activity logging and reporting.
  • Highly granular user rights management.
  • Built-in encryption of passwords and other sensitive information.
  • SSL data transfers.

If I already use VenioOne or Venio Cloud, will I have to license Venio Review separately? 

Yes. While the Venio Review capability is built on the same data layer and platform as Venio Cloud and VenioOne, additional licensing is necessary to enable the application.

What types of data does Venio Review support? 

  • All common eDiscovery data (more than 500 types) and exports from other eDiscovery platforms.
  • Transcript files (.PCF or .PTF format) display with tools for adding highlights and notes, which can be used to navigate to specific page/line locations in the transcript, and a word wheel, which searches for specific terms within the transcript.
  • Multimedia audio-visual files can be time-stamped with notes added. These markers can then be used to navigate to that point in the file.
  • Social media exports from Twitter and Facebook.
  • Team chats from Slack, Bloomberg, and Microsoft Teams (integration coming soon).
  • Mobile data exported from Cellebrite.
  • The Excel Viewer allows for the redaction and highlighting of cells within native Excel files.

VenioOne OnDemand

How easy is it to remove access to a case? 

The system allows you to control who has access to certain cases. If a specific thing in a case needs to be restricted, that requires help from the full Venio platform.

Can we talk more about cost control? 

There are additional costs associated with turning data into a usable format — getting data, time, and collection. These costs are eliminated. From a hosting perspective, it can limit documents that need to be reviewed and, therefore, limit those costs.

Is there any size limit with VenioOne OnDemand? 

Theoretically, no. It's simply limited by bandwidth. The Venio engine is designed to get through data quickly; it can process a terabyte a day or more.

Can you track who is accessing the data and uploading it? 

Yes. You can run and view reports on who has uploaded data and who has access to it. You also have an interface that tells you who has access.

Does OnDemand capability need VenioOne to be installed in the environment? 

Yes. OnDemand is a module that runs on VenioOne and provides modern UI and additional capabilities for the users. Please note that all Venio users can now use OnDemand instead of other UIs like Console and WebUI. Contact us at for more information.

Who owns data security? 

Venio doesn’t host the technology; we offer it as a servie. Our clients provide it in their environment. The data cannot be seen.

If a case starts in OnDemand but grows too large, can you still use the upload features while using VenioOne? 

All data in OnDemand can be viewed in the full VenioOne platform. There is no true transition; it’s all the same data. Just log into whichever interface you want to use, and all the data is there.

Do VenioOne OnDemand and VenioOne use the same search technology? 

Yes, both OnDemand and VenioOne use the same search engine. You will get the same results in both interfaces.

Continuous Active Learning

Does having more documents in the review set slow down the CAL engine? 

CAL is working behind the scenes on the back end. The number of documents doesn’t affect workflow.

Which CAL system are we using? 

This is a VenioOne proprietary engine. We are not using a third-party tool.

Is there a document limit? 


Does adding documents to a case affect the workflow? 

No. CAL compensates for new documents.

Is CAL limited to binary review? 

No. However, for the purpose of sorting documents for reviewers, you do need to pick one primary category. Other tags can be added.

Is there a limit to how many reviewers can be added? 

No. We recommend assigning as many reviewers as you need to get through the documents.

How is CAL licensed? 

It’s a one-time annual fee. The license is not limited.

Can CAL identify multiple categories? 

Yes. However, it still needs to be assigned to one main category to initially present relevant documents to the reviewer.

How soon will CAL be available? 

CAL is officially live and is available to all of our clients.

What is the real-world scenario in which CAL would be ideal? 

Basically, CAL is an alternative to a review process. There will be multiple reviewers, but on large-scale cases, this can cut back on the need for large teams of reviewers, so it can save money. There is no limit. CAL can be used for any review case, whether for one reviewer or multiple reviewers.

Has CAL been vetted by any government agencies? 

The algorithm itself, support vector machine (SVM), has been used and vetted by multiple agencies and companies. Venio has simply built our own workflow around the algorithm.