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Review Doesn’t Have to Be So Complicated.

The review phase of eDiscovery requires the most labor, cost, and time. It’s the bottleneck in the process. It's also the most expensive in the electronic discovery reference model, at a rate of $200-$500 an hour. However, you don’t have to experience this when you have the right solution. Automation and an easy-to-use interface accelerate reviews.

A man uses a laptop. A man uses a laptop.

These Features Simplify Review.

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A Fast Path to Relevancy
Powerful search, filters, and query builders locate what matters most.
The cloud and binary code
More Manageable Data Review
TAR/CAL tools reduce review data by up to 90%.
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Turnkey Platform
No third-party add-ons are required.
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Robust Security Controls
Securely share data for collaboration.
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Visibility Is Here
Visual tools give reviewers a clear perspective.
Insights in Seconds
Interactive analytics and dashboards offer project managers immediate insights.

Venio Review Leverages AI and Automation So You Can Control the Process.

Review time and resources are the biggest burdens to eDiscovery. By using an intelligent technology platform, you can overcome these challenges.

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Deploying Venio Review Transforms Your Process.

With this software, you will immediately see returns by accelerating document review. That decreases review time and costs, ensuring you meet deadlines.


Boost Accuracy. Features such as built-in batched review, email threading, intuitive search, and native redaction enable rapid review without compromising integrity.


Get Users Working Fast. Onboarding users is easy; there are no steep learning curves. Because of this, you’ll realize ROI faster instead of waiting for user proficiency.

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Base Delivery on Your Needs. You can launch the solution on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. This flexibility is a key differentiator of Venio Review.

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Improve Quality. With options for sampling data for accuracy and dashboards that tell visual stories, you’ll instantly improve the quality of all of your reviews.