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Venio Cloud Delivers End-to-End eDiscovery.

With our fully managed and secure cloud software, you can completely revolutionize how you execute eDiscovery. Increase processing speed, create custom automated workflows, and use AI tools to simplify. You’ll also be able to identify insights with data-rich dashboards. This turnkey solution can handle even the most complex and high-volume cases.

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Venio Legal Hold Modernizes the Process.

Rethink how you execute legal holds with this technology. Use it for modern data sources, custodian management, and more. Rid your team of the manual hold process and minimize errors with higher accuracy. This platform is available as SaaS or on-premises, and it is an investment that pays off now and into the future.

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Venio ECA Helps You Protect What Matters.

As the only stand-alone early case assessment solution that rapidly analyzes and reduces data by up to 90%, this software addresses many legal team needs. It’s flexible, secure, and fast. This unified data layer platform mitigates data exposure risk. It allows you to be more strategic while also saving time and money.

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Venio Review Enables More Accurate Reviews.

Review is the most labor- and time-intensive aspect of eDiscovery. You’ll be able to retool this with purpose-built software. With features such as native redaction and entity extraction, you reduce risk to sensitive data. AI-powered modern review with built-in continuous active learning (CAL) can cut case data by up to 90%. With interactive analytics and customizable interfaces, this solution ensures that the process is fast, accurate, and secure.

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VenioOne Empowers Simplified eDiscovery.

VenioOne is turnkey eDiscovery software that’s highly scalable and deployable on your infrastructure, whether on-premises or in the cloud. It encompasses every phase of eDiscovery in one platform. Decrease data sets; manage multiple projects; and quickly review, analyze, and process. VenioOne OnDemand is the earliest — and one of the most sophisticated — self-service solutions for eDiscovery, enabling immediate uploading, analyzing, reviewing, and producing of electronic documents.

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Want to see how our products can work for you?

Organizations Realize Gains in Quality, Speed, and Accuracy with eDiscovery.

eDiscovery Service Providers
Law Firms
Government Agencies

Adopt in stages for a seamless transition.

You don’t have to adopt all at once. You can ramp up in stages, testing smaller cases at first. Go at your own pace to develop an eDiscovery program that meets all your needs.

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Manage autonomous internal investigations.

Your HR and IT teams can manage these investigations with ease when using a feature-rich eDiscovery platform. Empower them with tools that save time and boost productivity.

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Review millions of documents.

No matter the volume of data you have for cases, you can do it much quicker with the right technology. Unburden your team from manual or inefficient eDiscovery processes.

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Collaborate on every phase.

With eDiscovery software, your team can work together without barriers to progress through each stage of eDiscovery — processing, review, ECA, and production.

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High performance and scalability are achievable.

You don’t have to choose one or the other. Our solutions ensure you can realize both, scaling horizontally without expensive on-premises hardware.

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Customize automated workflows to fit your needs.

Modifying workflows is easy with our solutions. Since there’s no complicated process, you’ll immediately see the lift in productivity after deploying.

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Advanced AI cuts review volume.

Advanced technology supports auto-collection, tagging, native redaction, email thread view, and mobile data visualization. Shrink the documents that need actual review with confidence.

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Robust security proactively mitigates risk.

Our solutions include multiple layers of security, from the underlying infrastructure to firewalls to domain-specific features. Feel secure about your data in our software.

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Material evidence is easier to find.

When you automate workflows, you’ll be able to uncover the most important documents with greater efficiency, translating to easier case preparation.

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Speed and accuracy are combined.

Law firms have heavy caseloads while also wanting to add new clients. When you deploy eDiscovery software, you can boost speed and accuracy without compromising either.

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Massive reviews are minimized.

Review in eDiscovery can be a slow, painful process. Take control of it by using TAR/CAL and AI-powered assisted review. You can tier reviews with these tools to drive efficiency.


Security is a priority.

Our eDiscovery software tools are secure and have layers of protection. You can have peace of mind knowing that your private and sensitive material is protected by the most rigid security protocols.

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End-to-end eDiscovery is secure.

Compliance and data security are pillars of our eDiscovery solution. For the most sensitive cases and confidential documents, you can have the assurance that our platform has enterprise-grade protections.


Your info will be investigation- and FOIA-ready.

Government agencies leverage our eDiscovery software for investigations and FOIA requests. With smart workflows, automation, and tools such as native redaction, our system saves you time and resources.

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Custom workflows will fit your needs.

Your users can develop custom workflows that match your specific needs and the cases you handle. They’re easy to configure and enable repeatable, standardized processes.


Cost control is more certain.

By managing eDiscovery with our system, you can have predictable costs related to the processes. They are within your control and no longer subject to increasing fees you incur by outsourcing or manual processes.

Organizations That Are Mastering eDiscovery with Venio:

eDiscovery Landscape Important Facts:

70% of enterprises will adopt end-to-end eDiscovery by 2023.
88% of corporations have cut legal budgets even as workloads increase.
73% of eDiscovery costs are for document review.
1.145T megabytes of data are created daily.

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