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Venio ECA Addresses Many Needs With Analytics and Insights.

Simplify ECA with features that make data decisions easier. Advanced features such as in-place indexing, pre-processing, and culling of data can reduce the amount of data to process by up to 90%. Visualizations help spot risk in case data. Built-in filters and reports enable early strategic decisions, while search helps you avoid missed data and deadlines.

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Experience How Venio ECA Works.

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In-Place Indexing Reduces Storage Costs
Prevent multiple copies of data with in-place indexing, leading to a smaller footprint that reduces storage space needs and costs.
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Tools to Identify Relevance Fast
Use pre-built reports and dashboards to make early strategic decisions regarding what’s relevant.
Accelerating Filtering and Excluding
Initiate indexed data analysis and reporting of visual timelines, email communication, and social network diagrams, filtering and excluding quickly.
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Interactive Analytics for Search and Review
Search and review files and data sets by keywords or file metadata with powerful interactive analytics, driving actionable insight.
Automated Processing and Secure Sharing
Output only relevant data for processing via automated steps that don't lock you into a specific data framework or tool. Securely share data with third parties.

Risk Management That Works

With so many features that help manage and minimize risk, you’ll have confidence that data is always secure and that you only need to share relevant information with trusted partners.

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Dramatically Decreased Costs

With less data processing, you can dramatically reduce your data sets, which cuts time of litigation by up to 50%. Those savings result in cost reduction across the board.

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Strategic Opportunities

Go back to a strategic role regarding ECA. Scale horizontally or vertically to manage any amount of data with no impact on performance. Deploy on-premises or in the cloud.

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