Venio Review FAQs

  • Michelle Spencer
  • March 12, 2021

10 Questions about the Venio Review Platform, Support, and Use

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1: What types of review does Venio Review support?

  • Interactive Analysis and Review dashboards with customizable layouts can be used as review is occurring or for early case analysis (ECA) to reduce data being pushed to review teams

Venio Review also supports:

  • Ad hoc data reviews
  • Batched review sets
  • Technology assisted reviews using TAR/CAL, which reduces the amount of data to be reviewed by up to 90%
  • Tiered reviews with auto-collection to quickly enable second tier reviews to begin

2: What is the licensing model for Venio Review?

Unlike most eDiscovery review platforms, Venio Review is not licensed on a per user basis. Instead, it is licensed based on the amount of data stored within the system, which is almost always less costly than other review platforms.

3: How can Venio Review be deployed?

  • Because Venio’s database supports individual cases being deployed in different locations, you may choose to store cases based on their specific needs.
  • On-premises, in the cloud, or with a hybrid approach
  • Venio Review is browser-based, so it is easily accessed no matter where your review team is located.
  • As part of the end-to-end eDiscovery software in Venio Cloud and VenioOne.

4: What security features does Venio Review have?

  • Built-in Two-Factor Authentication (or integration with AD or Okta)
  • Full activity logging and reporting
  • Highly granular user rights management
  • Passwords and other sensitive information are encrypted
  • Data transfers are secured by SSL

5: If I already use VenioOne or Venio Cloud, will I have to separately license Venio Review?

No, you will not. Venio Review is included with both VenioOne and Venio Cloud.


6: What types of data does Venio Review support?

  • All common eDiscovery data (over 500  types) and exports from other eDiscovery platforms
  • Transcript files (.PCF or .PTF format) display with tools for adding highlights and notes, which can be used to navigate to specific page/line locations in the transcript, and a Word Wheel, which searches for specific terms within the transcript.
  • Multimedia audio/visual files can be time stamped with notes added. These markers can then be used to navigate to that point in the file.
  • Social media exports from Twitter and Facebook
  • Team chats from Slack, Bloomberg, and Microsoft Teams (integration coming soon)
  • Mobile data exported from Cellebrite
  • The Excel Viewer allows for the redaction and highlighting of cells within native Excel files.

7: What features are available within Venio Review?

  • Auto-collection for tiered and batched reviews
  • Email thread view and mobile data visualization
  • Up to 10x higher team productivity with templates and customizable layouts 
  • Consistent and efficient processes with built-in automation and workflows
  • Interactive Analytics dashboard for Immediate insight and action
  • Visualize email gaps and communication patterns with Venio Review’s Timeline and Social Network Diagram
  • Built-in secure data sharing and collaboration with expiring links sent via email
  • Logical tagging rules to ensure accurate tagging

8: What search features does Venio Review offer?

  • Simple search bar available in both the Review and Analysis dashboards
  • Advanced Query Builder for easily building complex queries.
  • Items included in the Advanced Query Builder are: Term Search, Load File Search, Field Search, Wildcard Search, Fuzzy Search, and Synonym Search 
  • Slideout panel that has Saved Searches, Search History, and Dynamic Folders.
  • Dynamic Folders are linked to a search, so that over time items are populated within the Dynamic Folder as items matching the search query are found. For example, items might be gathered for expert or witness review or responsive items might be populated to a Dynamic Folder to rapidly enable a second tier review team to do issues reviews or review confidential documents collected for privilege review


9: What customer support is included with the Venio Review platform?

  • Free 24/7 rockstar customer support
  • Free onboarding training and monthly videos and new feature training
  • Access to Venio’s extensive Customer Portal of materials
  • Since its inception, Venio’s core focus has been on ensuring that your team and customers have the highly competent and cordial support they need to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently while meeting ever-changing deadlines and complex technical requirements

10: Why Venio versus other eDiscovery software providers?

  • VenioOne was built by eDiscovery veterans with decades of experience. They built the eDiscovery platform they wished they had
  • VenioOne has been thoroughly vetted for over 10 years and is the best kept secret of industry-leading service providers, law firms, corporations, and government agencies.

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