Venio Cloud FAQs

  • Michelle Spencer
  • January 15, 2021

Venio Cloud FAQs

10 Questions about Cloud Service, Support, and Use


Venio Cloud Service Diagram


Onboard new clients and cases within minutes and get up to 10x faster results and 10x higher ROI without having to manage expensive infrastructure, people, or licenses!


Venio Cloud Service

  • What exactly is included in the Venio Cloud service?
    • Lightning fast, cloud-native end-to-end eDiscovery platform with dramatically lower upfront costs and up to 10x ROI
    • Fully managed, infinitely scalable cloud infrastructure, so no provisioning and deploying servers, managing software licenses, networks, or storage
    • Enterprise-grade security built into the eDiscovery platform that provides an additional layer of safety over the legendary security features and processes in Amazon Web Services
    • Immediate access to monthly upgrades and innovations, ancillary software licenses, and Venio’s rockstar customer support and training included
  • Who is the Venio Cloud service built for?

Any size law firm, eDiscovery service provider, corporation, or government agency wishing to:

    • Control eDiscovery costs
    • Easily equip remote workers
    • Move to a cloud-native eDiscovery platform
    • Upgrade a legacy eDiscovery platform
    • Move away from on-premises eDiscovery solutions
    • Avoid building out their own cloud environment
    • Bring eDiscovery in-house
    • Enable modern eDiscovery workflows
    • Reduce the headaches of eDiscovery
  • What are the benefits of the Venio Cloud service?
    • Modern eDiscovery platform plus public cloud access can be deployed for end users within minutes versus hours or days
    • Predictable cost, economies of scale, and auto-scaling environment for your expansion needs and maximum flexibility
    • Eliminates server maintenance, licensing, administration, and staffing costs
    • Peace of mind with uninterrupted up-time, 24/7 client access, and data redundancy as a secure backup to protect from malfunction and server crashes
  • How secure is the Venio Cloud environment?
    • Physical security of infrastructure and secure cloud support via AWS
    • Built-in 2-factor authentication, robust, granular user rights management, encrypted passwords and other sensitive information, VPN-controlled access, and encrypted data transfers secured by SSL


Venio Cloud Use

  • What parts of the EDRM Model does the Venio Cloud include?
    • Everything from Processing-to-Review-to-Production and all of the features that you would expect with a Tier 1 eDiscovery platform.
  • What support for social media data does the platform have?
    • Currently has tools for processing Slack, Bloomberg, Cellebrite, Twitter, and Facebook data with new additions coming in the future
  • What features are available within Venio Cloud?
    • Easy drag-and-drop uploads of virtually any data or media type
    • Simultaneously process multiple media and job types for up to 10x faster processing (up to 10 TB/day)
    • Auto-collection for tiered and batched reviews
    • Email thread view and mobile data visualization
    • TAR/CAL reduce data to be reviewed up to 90%
    • Up to 10x higher team productivity with intelligent error handling 
    • Consistent and efficient processes with built-in automation and workflows
    • Interactive analytics dashboards for Immediate insight and action
    • Visualize email gaps and communication patterns with Venio’s Timeline and Social Network Diagram


Venio Cloud Support

  • What customer support is included with the Venio Cloud service?
    • Free 24/7 rockstar customer support
    • Free onboarding training and monthly videos and new feature training
    • Access to Venio’s extensive Customer Portal of materials
  • Why do you say Venio has “rockstar customer support?”

We want to make you look and feel like a rockstar! Since its inception, Venio’s core focus has been on ensuring that your team and customers have the highly competent and cordial support they need to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently while meeting ever-changing deadlines and complex technical requirements

  • Why Venio versus other eDiscovery software providers?
    • Built by eDiscovery veterans with decades of experience. They built the eDiscovery platform they wished they had
    • VenioOne has been thoroughly vetted for over 10 years and is the best kept secret of industry-leading service providers, law firms, and government agencies.

We love our work and want to help you love yours!