Venio ECA FAQs

  • Will Pfeifer
  • May 25, 2021

Venio ECA FAQs

Venio ECA Overview

What are the pain points that Venio ECA addresses?

  • Control eDiscovery Cost:The most dramatic means to reduce costs is by sending only relevant data for eDiscovery processing and review. Additional cost savings result from reducing overhead for any particular case research. We are not saying you will want to reduce internal staff. Instead, Venio ECA will allow your staff to focus on their normal work. Venio ECA will also streamline the resources needed by trusted service providers once the project goes to processing and review, in turn saving you more money.
  • Save Valuable Time: With AI and machine learning, huge amounts of data may be organized and indexed so they can be quickly searched, and relevant data can be identified. Counsel needs to identify what data is there, and you have an ability to have a high-level overview of the data early in the process.
  • Manage and Minimize Risk: Venio ECA will reduce the amount of data leaving your corporate firewall and improve visibility into what’s being sent out. It leaves you in control of your data.
  • Be Proactive: The most successful companies are proactive. With increased volumes of data and more complex data types, it becomes necessary to identify and prepare data for investigation as early in the process as possible. 

If I have VenioOne (or Venio Cloud), do I still need Venio ECA?

If you have VenioOne or Venio Cloud, you already have all the capabilities included in Venio ECA. 

Is Venio ECA the same as VenioOne processing?

No. Venio ECA is a brand new capability designed for corporates who need a powerful, yet lightweight solution to analyze data and perform defensible deletion before sending it out for processing, without having to deploy a full-fledged processing solution. 

Though it is built on our end-to-end eDiscovery platform, Venio ECA is still available as a standalone product for customers.

What makes Venio ECA different from any of the other ECA providers in the market?  

  • To our knowledge, Venio ECA is the only standalone ECA product on the market. You are not tied into Venio Cloud, VenioOne or Venio Review. The Venio ECA product provides all the tools needed for early case assessment. Other ECA providers use ECA as a feature of their full eDiscovery product.  If all you need is early case assessment, you will save substantially with Venio ECA and only pay for what you need.
  • Venio ECA uses “in-place” indexing, and the advantage of this is that it vastly truncates the data footprint required for ECA.  Other providers need two or three copies of the key data sources, which is not the case with Venio ECA.
  • Since Venio ECA is built on our end-to-end eDiscovery platform, upgrading to full-fledged eDiscovery is simple and instant.
  • Venio ECA is fully automated, fast, and does not lock you into any particular data framework or tool while providing a secure way to upload data and share it with 3rd parties. 

Is Venio ECA only for on-premise eDiscovery?  

Venio ECA can be used in 3 different ways:

  • As a standalone product to be deployed on-premise
  • As an additional product available on the latest VenioOne release
  • As an additional capability in Venio Cloud

How much does Venio ECA cost?   

  • Venio ECA is competitively priced, especially considering you do not have to commit to the entire Venio eDiscovery product or service.  The fees are based on a number of factors and vary depending upon your business needs.   
  • Contact sales at (855) 662 -8600 or email us at  to get a quote.