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5 Reasons Why Imagine Reporting Leverages VenioOne OnDemand Self-Service eDiscovery Platform

  • Michelle Spencer
  • December 4, 2020

  • Cost Reduction: VenioOne OnDemand (VOD) helps clients reduce their eDiscovery costs as they don’t have to deploy new infrastructure or software. Imagine clients also don’t have to pay for project management in cases they manage themselves.  
  • Timeliness of Data Upload: Because VOD is completely browser-based, clients can easily create cases and use VOD’s easy drag-and-drop upload feature to load data whenever they want without having to wait for their service provider.
  • Growing Remote Workforce: The global pandemic and increased work from home requirements mean clients need to be able to work from wherever they are – at home or work.
  • Higher Security: Because VOD doesn’t require data to be shipped and handled manually, it increases the security profile of both clients and their legal service providers. If needed, the law firm’s clients or opposing counsel can even be invited to upload their own data directly with no additional licenses needed.
  • Ease of Use: An intuitive UI, easy to use features, and built-in collaboration means VOD is a great end-to-end eDiscovery platform for both non-technical and technical teams.

When Imagine Reporting needed to enable its clients to set up their matters with ease, and without the need for new hardware or monthly maintenance, while still utilizing the infrastructure they’d already paid for, we knew it was a great use case for VenioOne OnDemand (VOD). 

With the VOD self-service eDiscovery platform, end users can create cases, upload, process, analyze, review, and produce electronic documents in a quick, secure, cloud-based, and user-friendly environment. 

This could have been the end of the story (or this blog post) but for the fact that folks at Imagine realized that with VOD as their eDiscovery platform, they can tap into a whole new segment of the market, made up of more forward-thinking and security-conscious clients who desired to have more control of their own matters. 

Imagine OnDemand was born as a new line of business within Imagine Reporting. When we learned of this, we asked Brandon Barlow, CTO of Imagine, about what convinced him to not only adopt VOD but start a whole new business built on it. Here are the 5 reasons that tipped the scale: 

OnDemand eDiscovery Platform and Operational Cost Reductions

The VOD eDiscovery platform doesn’t require new infrastructure as it utilizes Imagine’s existing VenioOne platform on the back end. Imagine Reporting can simply focus on serving and growing its client base.

Because VOD has a pure browser-based interface, Imagine’s customers also benefit in that they don’t have to deal with complex installations, infrastructure, or software to maintain. They gain a full-featured OnDemand eDiscovery platform that they have full control over at a lower cost than legacy heavy-weight systems. 

Timeliness of Data Uploads

There is always a rush to review case or investigation data as soon as it has been received. Prior to the self-service model that VOD enables, data had to be sent or FTP’d to a service provider to upload and process. With VOD, an attorney or paralegal can create a case with a few clicks in their browser and use the drag-and-drop upload feature to start processing in minutes. With VOD’s lightning-fast processing engine and intelligent error handling, your data will be ready for review in no time at all compared to the hours or days that it takes with legacy eDiscovery systems.

Growing Remote Workforce

The legal industry can no longer deny the reality of the work-from-home model, even for large review teams. The global pandemic forced the entire industry to work from remote locations and proved that teams with access to the right technologies can maintain the same level of collaboration and productivity, as they did from the office. For Imagine and its clients, VOD is that technology.

VOD solution enables Imagine’s clients to connect securely from remote locations and upload, process, analyze, review, and produce data easily. Because VOD uses Imagine’s existing VenioOne database on the back end, the user setup was quick and easy and required no data migration. Finally, with no software to install, users can be up and running in a matter of minutes from their Internet browser of choice.

OnDemand eDiscovery Platform for a Growing Remote Workforce - VenioOne OnDemand

Higher Security

With both physical data and electronic data, there were several instances where the chain of custody could be questioned, not to mention the time that it took to get the data where it needed to go for uploading, which has become even more difficult with more and more people working from remote locations. With VOD, such chain of custody issues is a thing of the past.

An ‘invite to upload’ link can be sent directly to the person in possession of the data who can then upload it directly to the onDemand eDiscovery platform – all with no additional licenses required.

Because VOD encrypts data and can be set to require high-security passwords and two-factor authentication with full activity logging, end-users of VOD get the level of security that most modern IT departments require.

Higher Security eDiscovery Software Platform - VenioOne OnDemand

Ease of Use

VOD saves time and money by allowing users to simply open their Internet browser and log in from anywhere at any time – it even works on phones and tablets! Once logged in, drag-and-drop documents into the browser, and VenioOne’s automated processing takes over and rapidly converts data into a searchable and reviewable format.

With a full suite of tagging and redaction tools, review teams can get to work as soon as processing is finished. VOD has fully customizable analysis and review dashboards so data can be seen in a way that is fitting for each project or user role. With savable layouts and widgets that adapt to each client, user, and project, the experience is simplified for everyone.

There are numerous occasions where others need to review portions of data during the pendency of an investigation or litigation. VOD enables the collaborative sharing of documents via a secure email link that can be set to expire. Because it doesn’t require a license or any additional intervention or setup, the process is smoothly managed by the end-users.

VOD is nimble enough for smaller matters and robust enough for the largest, most complex matters. It has the full power of the VenioOne engine on the back end, which includes the ability to support batched reviews for larger, more complex matters.

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