At Venio Systems LLC, my role is dedicated to building strategic eDiscovery partnerships that generate value for our partners. Here are some reasons why I strongly believe in building partnerships that last and create win-wins for all parties.

Our eDiscovery Software Partners are Our Business

When we work with our partners, we believe in balancing scale and customization so our partners can have the best solutions tailored to their specific needs. We understand that by building the best solutions, we all benefit in the long-run. Our company is successful when our partners are successful. We invest in our relationships and genuinely care about the success of our eDiscovery Software Partners because it is in our interest to grow together.

Listening to Partners and Clients is Critical to Deliver a Customer Centric Solution

VenioOne continues to build software solutions with partners, clients, and the end-users in mind. It is our fundamental belief that we never build a product in a silo. We collaborate with partners to ensure we are providing a value-add platform and compelling user experience that takes personal experiences into account during the design phase. We have designed a platform that provides options for our clients to choose from and build what they need. Many platforms have many features, but often they are not even used. Why pay for what you are not using?

Staying Relevant and Leading the Way

The eDiscovery industry continues to change and we want to be the driving force behind that change. In many ways, our strategic partnerships position Venio to be at the forefront of eDiscovery as the industry continues to evolve and innovate in North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond. Read more about our partnerships in our RICOH Legal case study here. Our focus was providing operational efficiencies which expedited turnaround times for RICOH Legal and their clients.

eDiscovery Partnerships are about Cultivating Advocates

A software technology is only as good as the user, which is why certifications and a great user experience are paramount. We know that time is money in eDiscovery, which is why we developed advanced certification programs for our partners and clients. VenioOne can be up and running very quickly and our certification programs are available to ensure that our partners and clients are equipped with the necessary skills to fully grasp new features, and to navigate through the system fluently. We are constantly listening to our partners and working on developing ways to provide training, insight, and ultimately more collaboration.

Innovation is Best Together

Innovation is not about one person or one role. Identifying new opportunities and improvements happens in an accelerated way when companies collaborate and push the industry forward together. Many companies seek partnerships to develop new ideas and insights. We have built many alliances and work to build trust and deep relationships with our partners for the long run. Real innovation happens when people are working together to share knowledge and drive change.

About The Author

Bimal Tamrakar is the President & Chairman of Venio Systems LLC. He is constantly driven to finding solutions that revitalize the understanding of information technology, as it touches nearly every aspect of our modern life. As the current President and Chairman of Venio Systems, he and his team are focusing on enhancing the simplification, accessibility, and efficiency of E-Discovery Technology.

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