In collaboration with our group of Trusted Partners, we have added Dynamic Folder technology to our VenioOne Unified eDiscovery Platform Company to enhance Quality Control workflows and streamline the sharing of search queries (not search results) among members of review teams.

What is a Dynamic Folder?

VenioOne Dynamic Folder is a Saved Search Query with options (NOT Saved Search Results) that is executed in real time and can be combined with other search criteria (including other Dynamic Folders).  Dynamic Folderscan be created from the Advanced Search interface (see above screenshot) and managed via Dynamic Folder Management in VenioOne Web (see below).  Management of these Dynamic Folders is easily accomplished via mouse clicks, drag-and-drop techniques, and placeholder folders that are parent folders used for categorization and identification.  Think of a placeholder as a drawer within a file cabinet and the Dynamic Folder as the hanging folders contained within that drawer.

Security and Access Control

As with most features and functionality contained within the VenioOne ecosystem, security and access rights for Dynamic Folders can be set on a global, project, group and user basis.

Visibility – Permission per Dynamic Folder per Project User Group

Access Level – Available globally (All Projects) or a specific project

User Rights

  • Right to Create/Edit/Delete Dynamic Folder
  • Manage Dynamic Folder Security & Permission
  • View & Execute Dynamic Folders

Example Usage Scenarios

  1. Prior to running a production, you need to QC any documents containing the term confidential and tagged as responsive.
  2. A senior attorney wants to regularly see all of the documents with questions and you would like to create a special folder that refreshes whenever he or she wants to see it.

In each of these cases, a Dynamic Folder can be easily created after once you’ve entered the appropriated parameters on the Search panels and selected the Create Dynamic Folder button. Click Click Click.  No programming knowledge required!

VenioOne Unified eDiscovery Platform Company

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