How You Can Save Time and Maximize Security with Digital Transformation

What if you could open new avenues for team communication and collaboration, streamline internal processes and allow client-centered approaches to change eDiscovery solutions for the better?

With the implementation of digital transformation into your practice, there is no end to the intrinsic benefits, including those listed above. 

As the legal industry continues to evolve, the eDiscovery possibilities are endless.

What Does Digital Transformation Look Like for eDiscovery?

  • Automated Review and Early Case Assessment
    The digital transformation of eDiscovery processes alleviates notoriously labor-intensive and time-consuming review and early case assessment (ECA). The automation of these critical steps in legal proceedings has made eDiscovery faster, more efficient and more cost-effective.
    Automated eDiscovery solutions require fewer workers, allowing legal professionals to utilize their time more productively, deliver more skilled and efficient services to clients and shareholders, and improve their work-life balance.
    By leveraging AI, the legal industry has created efficient platforms to help digitize discovery, namely through TAR, technology assisted review, and CAL, continuous active learning. Predictive coding has been integral to the automation of collecting, culling, reviewing and producing relevant information. 
  • Maximized Data Security
    The digitization of discovery has changed almost every part of the legal experience, leaving legal practitioners with the key responsibility of ensuring information from new technology is handled securely, legally and in compliance with federal standards.
    The creation of cloud services has also minimized security risks. It is a common misconception that data is more vulnerable to cyber attacks in the cloud than on internal data centers. In reality, it isn’t about where you store your data, it’s about how you manage it.
    Cloud providers have the best skills, home-grown technology and iron-clad processes that often exceed security standards to best manage your data for you.
    These modern eDiscovery solutions offer a plethora of perks to legal practitioners and open doors for future developments to increase security, speed and the ability to process data from anywhere in the world with both, on-premise and cloud services.
  • Obstacles of the Future
    While the digitization of our world has definitely augmented our quality of life and eDiscovery productivity, it also poses some challenges.
    New sources of data aren’t always created to address eDiscovery concerns. A prominent example of this is the surplus of data from messaging applications and devices. Unlike emails, chats are rarely distinguished by topic and contain nuanced context that makes their discovery a complicated process.
    Some eDiscovery solutions can keep up with the current volume and type of data, however, more powerful data analysis software will need to be developed to combat the changing legal landscape in an increasingly digitizing world. 
Don’t Miss Out on the Next Big Thing

Experts estimate digital transformation to be a necessity within the next several years, otherwise enterprises may be left behind. Worldwide spending on digital transformation will reach $2 trillion in 2022—a 60% increase since 2016.  

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