For any company dealing with a high volume of eDiscovery, sending it to a third party may seem like an efficient and cost-effective approach. However, this process comes with challenges and concerns. It severely increases your data security risks, and it’s very costly. Additionally, it may not always be complete by your deadlines, forcing you to either take shortcuts that could add to the risk or ask for an extension that the court may or may not grant.

What’s the alternative that can alleviate these pain points? eDiscovery software that’s easy to use and empowers your in-house staff to control the process.

Launching an In-House eDiscovery Program

Having trepidation about moving eDiscovery in-house is normal. There are big questions likely holding you back from taking the first steps toward a true end-to-end eDiscovery solution, such as:

  • Are you concerned about resources?
  • Do you have apprehension about your IT infrastructure?
  • Are your discovery needs specialized, and an off-the-shelf version isn’t a good fit?
  • Do you have concerns about aggregating data in different formats and from various sources?

With the right platform, these challenges don’t have to impede your ability to deploy an eDiscovery solution. In fact, you’ll find many more benefits to adopting software versus keeping your process as is.

Evaluating the Benefits of eDiscovery

The use of eDiscovery tools is on the rise, just like most technology in the business world. With data accumulating at rapid speed, it only makes sense to rely on automated systems. But what benefits can you gain from implementing one?

  • Enjoy up to 10 times faster processing of data.
  • Achieve much higher productivity and efficiency by using an integrated and easy-to-use platform.
  • Reduce costs associated with people, infrastructure, data sprawl and third-party services.
  • Leverage the power of AI for technology-assisted review, greatly decreasing the amount of discovery that needs attorney oversight.
  • Choose how you’ll store your data, either in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid model, which can enable remote usage. 
  • Streamline workflows in the eDiscovery process to make the process more accurate, comprehensive and reliable. 

In summary, in-house eDiscovery helps you control data sprawl, meet court-sanctioned deadlines and reduce costs while simplifying the end-to-end process.

Translating Benefits and Overcoming Challenges

Once you’ve completed your due diligence on why implementing eDiscovery can benefit your company, it’s time to deliver the findings to decision makers. Consider using these tactics to iterate the value of such a solution:

Do the math.

A simple comparison between your spend on discovery through third parties versus that of the software will result in huge savings on the latter. Budget is always an important part of any big decision. You can further make the case by demonstrating the potential ROI of using the software. If you are unclear on the ROI, ask industry experts to help you with a free ROI calculation tool.

Explain the workflow improvements.

Your current workflows may not be as efficient as they could be or constantly hit roadblocks. An eDiscovery platform simplifies these and ensures they are consistent so that you save time and resources. Here’s an example of a poor workflow compared to an efficient workflow that a modern eDiscovery solution can help you achieve:

Traditional Process Flow


Venio Process Flow


Offer reasons why it won’t be hard to deploy.

Your manager may balk at the idea of a software rollout because it’s too hard to implement. However, that’s not the case with all solutions, especially if you choose one that allows both on-premises and cloud deployments to meet your data security needs while cutting the ramp-up time to minutes or hours rather than weeks or months.

A good tool will also allow you to adopt eDiscovery slowly, testing a few cases and only for some initial phases such as legal hold or ECA. Additionally, you can select a product that doesn’t require certification to use — one that’s user-friendly and doesn’t require days of training.

Tout the benefits of AI.

Here’s another example where numbers can tell the story. Look at your current process and the percentage of documents that require attorney review. You can likely cut that significantly with a solution that has AI tools. That will save you time and money when you consider that 73% of total eDiscovery costs relate to document review.

Optimizing Your Processes with eDiscovery

Your company has an opportunity to modernize eDiscovery, lower the risk of data sprawl and cut costs dramatically. With a platform such as Venio’s, you’ll have access to the features, functionality and flexibility you need to realize that vision.

See how it works today by requesting a demo.

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