Fairfax, VA - November 17, 2023 - Venio Systems, a leading provider of eDiscovery software, announced today the general availability of Venio 10.18. This new release includes significant enhancements to Venio's eDiscovery capabilities across several key areas.

"We are excited to deliver the latest version of Venio to our customers," said John Burchfield, CEO of Venio Systems. "Venio 10.18 incorporates feedback from our customers and raises the bar for eDiscovery software with new innovations in processing, searching, production, and more."

Key new capabilities in Venio 10.18 include:

  1. Production Exclusions - Users can now exclude previously produced documents when running new productions in Venio Console and Venio On Demand. This ensures only new documents are produced without reproduction of previously produced files.
  2. Distributed Services Upgrades - Administrators can now edit configurations and service settings as well as dedicate Venio On Demand distributed services workers to specific projects for improved workload management.
  3. Enhanced Connector with Relativity - New user-based workspace visibility, global production fields, and roles/rights driven configurations streamline workflows between Venio and Relativity.
  4. Multi-Case Backups - System admins can now schedule simultaneous backups of multiple cases and projects for added convenience.
  5. Advanced Search Capabilities - New custodian/media scoping, numeric field operators, search term hit reports, and other search upgrades empower users to pinpoint critical information faster.

"The new features in Venio 10.18 will enable our customers to accelerate document review, ensure defensible eDiscovery practices, and gain deeper insights from unstructured data," said Burchfield.

The latest release demonstrates Venio's continued leadership in eDiscovery and commitment to product innovation. Venio 10.18 is available immediately worldwide.

About Venio Systems

Venio Systems provides leading edge eDiscovery software tailored to meet the needs of corporate legal departments, law firms, and legal service providers. Founded in 2008, Venio combines deep expertise in eDiscovery and information governance with a passion for continuous technology innovation. Venio’s flagship product, VenioOne, delivers powerful eDiscovery capabilities including data identification, legal hold management, collection, processing, early case assessment, analysis, review, and production. VenioOne is available in on-prem or cloud configurations, allowing it to scale matters of any size for any client. For more information, please visit us at www.veniosystems.com