Venio Systems hosted a joint webinar with Jamie Berry, the Managing Director of Litigation Services at Integreon in May of 2018. He has twenty years in the e-discovery industry- working with different e-discovery tools since 2000. One of the reasons Integreon is expanding their relationship with Venio to include VenioOne OnDemand eDiscovery Software is that incorporating self-service provides new, provocative, and cost-effective solutions for the client. The below material captures highlights from the webinar.

What is automated e-discovery software?

Often regarded as E-discovery as a service, the latest generation and innovation from Venio is adding a new level of automation and ‘OnDemand’ access to our VenioOne platform,  A platform that is hosted, requires no installation of software, and no hardware. Users can get the data when they need to – on demand. VenioOne OnDemand provides access to data whenever and wherever. Automated e-discovery gives organizations the best cost control and helps optimize the size of the project management team. VOD provides very secured access to data and because it is a layer to VenioOne, all of your data is always in one location.  

Some clients may be facing strict budget cuts with respect to new technology- automated e-discovery is an excellent resource. It’s built on the same infrastructure as the present Venio technology – so as cases begin to grow, the automated software can handle it. It gives you the flexibility from a cost perspective, without losing any work quality.

How is it different than the traditional discovery process?

Discovery can take a long time before you actually gather information and can make legal decisions. The time from collecting info, unpacking info, processing the info, uploading the documents to a review platform, and loading to a secondary review platform – it could be a very elongated process from collection to attorney delivery. Attorneys need as much time as possible to review the documents and form legal strategies. Introducing an automated discovery process can reduce the time and resources in a consistent and valuable manner that reduces costs.

What is the VenioOne OnDemand eDiscovery Software advantage?

The advantage of VOD is that it is simple yet powerful. It has an easy drag and drop format and provides dynamic dashboards to analyze and investigate data. Organizations and teams can securely review, search, and share documents. In addition, it has extensive User and Admin reporting. The solution provides the ability to create custom productions. One unique feature is that it allows a team or organization to invite individuals to add data to a case – great for a remote collection or remote offices. VOD can share only the upload capability. It’s completely unified with the VenioOne platform. Cases can be transitioned between the full VenioOne solution and the Venio OnDemand interface. This means that it is truly a technology that can burst and scope in functionality based on what the organization needs, making it easy to scale up or down based on workload.

How easy is it to use?

VOD has very intuitive dashboards. A user can easily search case numbers. Venio techs will work with you to set up your automation and optimize your eDiscovery workflow. Once you create a case, it is easy to drag and drop files to upload data to the case. The files must be in a container format. Within the case, there is access to other tools, such as analysis dashboard- timeline, file types, languages, authors. You can also add widgets to customize the data analysis of your dashboard. One feature that is useful is to save different widget layouts to follow you across your cases. This allows you to interact with and cull your data very quickly.

The Review session can create tags for your data for easy searching. You can select one or multiple documents to share, perhaps with a partner or expert witness, it is also possible to securely share documents with non-Venio users. Access can be set up to expire after a certain time.

As far as producing information, you can name your production, what are you producing, what tags you want to add, auto-populate the numbering system, customize the field types with pre-designed templates. The system allows for a nice simple production. If you need a more complex production, it can be provided on the full Venio platform.

Easy for Collaboration

VenioOne OnDemand was designed to allow users to Invite external users to upload materials. It is easy, once an invite is sent, the user will get an invite to only upload data. This provides a way to collect files and admin will receive an alert once files have been uploaded. In addition, links can be expired after a certain timeframe. In addition, anyone with the upload link does not have the ability to see any of the other data.

About VenioOne OnDemand

The VenioOne OnDemand self-service solution provides users an agile and easy to use system throughout the litigation process. The complete unified e-Discovery platform allows users to immediately upload, analyze, review and produce electronic documents in a scalable and secure environment. Please reach out to us for a demo:

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