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VenioOne Applets are Able to Process Cellebrite, Slack, and eDiscovery Data

  • Venio Systems
  • August 19, 2019

Last week, we presented a webinar on the VenioOne eDiscovery applets, including three new additions that are able to process Cellebrite, Slack, and Bloomberg data. We wanted to also share this new functionality via a blog post for those who may not have been able to attend the webinar or those who may be looking for a tool to process Cellebrite, Slack, or Bloomberg data for investigations or lawsuits.


eDiscovery Software Applets Data
Applets are small routines designed to extend the current functionality in the VenioOne eDiscovery platform and aid users by providing specific functions they need. Our applets have been developed over time either as requested by the VenioOne user community or, as is the case with these latest additions, when we have observed market needs. Over time, many of our applets have been migrated into the platform.

We also provide our API to our partners for development of their own applets and offer custom development services for functionality to meet a partner’s specific needs for processing eDiscovery data.


Less structured data has become more and more common in investigations and litigation as communications have moved out of email and over to chat apps and mobile devices. Also, most eDiscovery  software platforms were not designed to work with chat and SMS/MMS text data. One of our large government agency clients processes a great deal of data through Cellebrite, and we knew others were looking at ways to deal with evidentiary data obtained from mobile devices, so we felt it was important to provide these resources to our partners sooner rather than later, so we started researching what tools were available.

As we began looking at what tools were out there, we found other tools that convert XML to PST, but the output is really horrible. For example, each file in a chat might show 30,000 recipients when sent in a channel that included the whole company. We knew we could do better, so our developers went to work on a solution.

The VenioOne applets parse the data such that we retain enough metadata so that our other eDiscovery tools can be used. For example, our Social Network Diagram (or “spider web view”) of communications works with the imported data that has been parsed by our applets and can also show a timeline of the communications, attachments, etc.

eDiscovery Software Applets


The three applets (Cellebrite, Slack, and Bloomberg) for handling mobile or chat data all function the same way for the most part. We take an exported file from the original platform (Cellebrite, Slack, or Bloomberg) and process it to pull the relevant data out into a format that we can use in VenioOne.

The data can then be imported into VenioOne for searching, tagging, production, and any other common eDiscovery workflow. The files can even be viewed outside of VenioOne using common email or text viewers. However, text viewers are not as useful as they include all of the coding versus just the communication text.


For more information on the Cellebrite, Slack, or Bloomberg applets, you may review our VenioOne eDiscovery Applets Webinar

For more information about the VenioOne eDiscovery platform and to see our applets in action, either email or request a demo.