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Fairfax, VA: Today’s workforce is in a constant state of flux as people change jobs, locations, email addresses, workstations, departments, and adopt multiple, disparate communication tools. Most legal professional and eDiscovery practitioners know that during legal hold, downloading the key custodian details straight from the source is the only way to ensure that a complete list of accurate data is captured electronically. 

“Corporate legal professionals rely upon their legal hold tools and processes to perform their duty to hold and preserve the data. However, very few products in the market today tackle head-on the problem of the ever changing demographic details of the custodian”, said Ankur Agarwal, Venio Systems’ VP of Products. “We are excited to announce the support for active directory in Venio Legal Hold to automate the access and download of key custodian data. With this improvement, our customers and partners can ensure that no custodians or associated data sources are overlooked. With this feature, our customers can take the guesswork out of the legal hold process, making it more defensible than ever before.”  

In the real world, not only are custodians fluid, but current workplace collaboration and communication solutions such as Office 365 are in a constant state of change. By connecting directly to active directory and  downloading the custodian details, litigation teams know precisely which custodians have to be notified or reminded for a defensible hold process. This eliminates the burden of the research from the hold team when it comes down to the job of identifying the custodians, workstations, and networks that need to be included in the preservation of data.

Venio Legal Hold has best-in-class automated process flows, notification templates, questionnaires, report analysis, and is repeatable to hedge against spoliation and case delays.  

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