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Fairfax VA.: Venio Systems, a Virginia-based company, today announced Venio Legal Hold, a comprehensive, reliable, and intuitive product designed to streamline the legal hold process  and ensure full compliance with court-mandated holds across multiple matters, custodians, and locations for modern corporations

“Though legal hold tools abound in the eDiscovery realm, 8 out of 10 organizations we consulted said they struggle to identify and track the custodian communications associated with legal holds,” said Ankur Agarwal, Venio Systems’ VP of Products.  

Traditionally enterprises have used spreadsheets, emails, and legacy tools to execute their legal hold requirements. But this approach is neither reliable, nor scalable. “Imagine a typical corporation with multiple cases requiring legal hold, across tens of locations, hundreds of custodians, and millions of documents,” Agarwal said. “Managing all that work using a  spreadsheet or legacy tools is not only cumbersome but highly error-prone and impossible to track and manage. Important custodians may never receive their notifications or acknowledge the receipt. Since such notifications cannot be customized, custodians may get confused and accidentally ignore them or delete important assets. Such problems can lead to court sanctions or put these organizations at a great disadvantage.”

Corporate Litigations Directors, Paralegals, and IT staff understand these challenges and have been looking for a solution that can automate their legal hold process, create templates for each custodian type, track acknowledgement, send out automated reminders, and report status.

Venio Legal Hold is that solution. It not only serves the needs of the corporate staff to track and manage the defensible hold process, it also supports all modern data types, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Zoom, and many others. And, because it is built on Venio’s AI-driven platform and unified data layer, Venio Legal Hold is the only product in the industry to seamlessly integrate with an end-to-end eDiscovery solution that can be used as a SaaS solution or deployed on-premise.

“In my experience, law firms and their clients avoid some of the most damaging discovery mistakes by managing the legal hold process effectively,” Dan Rizzolo, Managing Director of ePercept, said. “This is true for individual cases and across matters. Leveraging technology to automate a well thought-through workflow helps bring consistency and discipline to the hold process in addition to gains in productivity. That is why I like Venio’s focus on its new integrated Legal Hold module.”

To learn more about Venio Legal Hold, visit our web page by clicking this link.