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CAL Revolutionized VenioOne’s eDiscovery Processing Software

Continuous Active Learning (CAL) is a new module of the VenioOne eDiscovery software that leverages machine learning to speed up eDiscovery review. Given the enormous expense of review in the eDiscovery process, the goal of using an active learning approach is to automate and significantly shorten the process of identifying documents during legal or investigative reviews of electronic evidence. 

The selection of training documents is done algorithmically by CAL in VenioOne as human reviewers review documents and make decisions about them. The active learning approach maximizes training efficiency. CAL is continuously training, updating the model, and the prediction of relevant documents during the review process adjusts based on the coding done by human reviewers.  

CAL is the new direction the eDiscovery industry is heading in order to efficiently handle increasingly larger datasets in cases. With VenioOne and CAL, your litigation team has an alternative to increasing the size of your review teams and a way to minimize eDiscovery costs. CAL has a robust dashboard and reporting for tracking reviewer progress, as well as CAL’s performance.

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About Venio Systems

Venio Systems is a team of innovators and developers with over 40 years of experience providing eDiscovery solutions with unparalleled agility and ease-of-use while being scalable. Venio Systems was created to address the industry’s lack of a complete eDiscovery solution that powers every phase of eDiscovery. VenioOne, a unified eDiscovery platform, is designed to provide law firms, corporations, service providers, and government entities with the ability to manage all phases of discovery—processing, ECA, culling, document review, and production—from a single tool. Venio Systems remains at the forefront of innovation by providing modern solutions any litigator, investigator, and eDiscovery professional can easily use.

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