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Self-Service eDiscovery Software: How VenioOne OnDemand is Transforming Workflows

  • Ankur Agarwal
  • September 26, 2019

Early last year, we introduced VenioOne OnDemand, a new tool to power what we call a self-service eDiscovery model. Let’s be clear though. VenioOne has had a web interface for several years. This was a very different tool and unlike any other in the marketplace.

As soon as several of our eDiscovery service provider partners saw VenioOne OnDemand, they realized the potential it had to change numerous traditional workflows in eDiscovery. Almost two years later, self-service eDiscovery is quietly taking the market by storm.

The following Venio business partners have been able to build new service offerings powered by VenioOne OnDemand (VOD):

VenioOne OnDemand self-service eDiscovery software is now being used by numerous organizations around the world.

What is Self-Service eDiscovery?

You may be asking: what’s so different about VOD and what do you mean by Self-Service eDiscovery? VOD was designed from the ground up to be used by people on the front lines of eDiscovery and investigations versus those who are part of litigation or practice support teams.

VOD is a simplified portal that allows end users, such as attorneys, investigators, and paralegals, to easily upload data and create cases from anywhere at any time. No more waiting for files to be transferred to a central location or picked up to maintain chain of custody. VOD is self-service. Because VOD is connected to the powerful VenioOne eDiscovery platform on the back end, items like security and data processing preferences are easily managed. This enables VOD to remain simple and easy to use. With a drag-and-drop interface for uploading project data, VOD even supports direct ingestion of load files.

Self-Service eDiscovery Software Company

But we didn’t stop at uploading data, VOD is a full-featured eDiscovery platform. Users are able to analyze, search, review, and produce data right from within VOD making it a full self-service eDiscovery tool. VOD provides a customizable interface to enable users to work the way they want. And with full permission management control, administrators can securely deliver to the users all or just some of the features as needed.  There are just enough options in VOD to enable flexibility and still maintain its ease of use.

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Beyond just eDiscovery, we decided to take it a step further with VOD. One very useful and important feature missing within many eDiscovery software platforms is the ability to easily share and collaborate with others using the case or investigation data contained in the platform. VOD enables end users to quickly share data or invite others to upload data to a case, even external users. This makes it ideal for numerous workflows – deposition or witness preparation, gathering data, working with experts, and performing investigations. You name it. VOD does it quickly and securely.

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Many have embraced VOD as a solution to simplify eDiscovery for small matters, but the beauty of VOD is that it can work even when that small matter turns into a big one. The VOD portal is a gateway with the full VenioOne platform on the back end making VOD robust enough to handle even the largest matters. Higher level eDiscovery team members can utilize advanced tools like sampling, email analytics, traditional technology assisted review, and even continuous active learning within the VenioOne desktop and web interfaces while others utilize the simplified VOD interface. It truly is the best solution for meeting all of your eDiscovery needs.

If you would like to explore self-service eDiscovery with VOD at your organization, contact or listen to a webinar from earlier this year.