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Fairfax, VA: Venio Systems, the fastest growing eDiscovery technology provider, announces two exciting developments: a new sponsorship for International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), a peer-powered global resource community for legal technologists, and the general availability of Venio’s latest version 10.1 software update across all Venio products.

Venio Systems and ILTA Sponsorship

The collaboration between Venio and ILTA will transform the future of the eDiscovery community through the provision of educational programming, publications and knowledge-sharing networks. Together, Venio and ILTA share a vision of eDiscovery innovation and providing the latest legal technology to law firms, service providers, government entities and corporations.

“We are committed to serving legal professionals from all walks of the legal community with our educational tools, technology and support,” said Venio Systems’ VP of Products, Ankur Agarwal. “This exciting sponsorship for ILTA forges connections between a larger community and our free, public and high-quality content to aid legal teams in accomplishing their goals and reaching their full potential.”

“We look forward to attending ILTACON 2022 to introduce new developments in our industry-leading eDiscovery software to our community and share our carefully curated resources, such as our Ultimate Guide to eDiscovery Platforms and the Benefits of an Integrated eDiscovery solution, with you all.” 

ILTA strives to award members with peer-connections that incite meaningful and career-enhancing conversations. ILTA supports professionals across the global legal landscape with a volunteer-led staff that provides expertise and real-world experience.

Tyler Howes, ILTA Senior Director of Business Development states, “ILTA looks forward to continuing our partner outreach and engagement, and we look forward to working with Venio.”

Members of the legal community can expect to see more collaborative content from Venio and ILTA with thought leadership-led events and education-based publications.

Version 10.1 Announcement

Today, Venio announces the GA of its latest v10.1 release. This further enhances the security of our clients’ data through multi-factor authentication, complex passwords and user-logout to prevent brute force access and malicious web activity attacks, and improves the user review layout.  

Additional capabilities, like audio file transcription, leverage the support of DeepSpeech AI, AWS, and Azure to create searchable text during the review process. Venio is dedicated to continually delighting our customers with superior products and fast development cycles.

Venio Cloud customers were automatically upgraded to Release 10.1 on March 28, 2022 and are now enjoying the new capabilities and enhancements in licensed products and modules.

We encourage our on-premise customers to upgrade now for access to the latest capabilities and innovations from Venio, allowing them to meet their business needs and serve their customers.

About ILTA

ILTA is a volunteer-led association that provides informational and educational resources, industry connections for a lifetime of support, and peer-developed programming to enhance the delivery of legal services and workflow for professionals within the legal sector. ILTA is committed to cultivating a trusted resource community, providing relevant, timely and accurate information, nurturing skills and talents to promote professional development and success, embracing and encouraging volunteerism, and fostering diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the ILTA community.

About Venio Systems

Discover the unknown and achieve the best possible outcome in every single matter with Venio Systems. The world’s most sensitive government agencies, service providers, corporations and law firms use Venio to develop a highly secure eDiscovery practice that eliminates data sprawl and cuts time and costs of managing petabytes of data from early case assessment and processing to review and production.

Founded by innovators and developers with over 40 years of combined experience, Venio Systems is the only eDiscovery platform with a processing speed of over 10 terabytes per day, a full-featured and AI-powered review, complete end-to-end automation and self-service built on a unified data layer. Flexible licensing and deployment options across datacenter, private cloud and cloud-native Software-as-a-Service make Venio an easy choice no matter what stage of eDiscovery adoption you are in. Learn more about products, including Venio Cloud, Venio Legal Hold, Venio ECA, Venio Review, and VenioOne eDiscovery, at